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So last week I decided after growing out my hair colour for almost 3 years that it was finally the time to change it up a bit and get it dyed. I wanted to find a salon which was a hundred percent trustworthy as I have had bad experiences in other hairdressers so I wanted to ensure that I would get the exact results as I expected.

After reading a little online and browsing my local hairdressers I settled on Toni and Guy's (Essensuals) in Orpington. I went in store to book my appointment and get a patch test done. Two days later, I returned to get my hair dyed and as you can see the aftermath is so healthy and shiny. I went from my complete natural colour, light brown, to a deep shade of dark brown. I also had a blow dry and an inch cut off my hair. The staff in store were all so welcoming and efficient, I will definitely be returning for all further treatments and regular cuts. 

After receiving such great treatment which completely changed my hair for the better, I decided to invest some money into some hair care products and a new hair dryer. 

I usually wash my hair max 2 times a week because my hair is super thick and it doesn't get oily easily so I am able to leave it this long on most occasions. Getting regular trims is something I struggle with but I am determined to get a trim at least every 3 months from now.

The BASICS - Shampoo and Conditioner

Toni and Guy Radiant Brunette Shampoo BUY HERE - £7.19

Adds shine and tone to natural and dyed brunette hair. 

Toni and Guy Radiant Brunette Conditioner BUY HERE - £7.19

Rejuvenates natural or died brunette hair for a luxurious finish.

The SPECIAL treatment - Hair Mask

Toni and Guy Damage Repair Mask BUY HERE - £7.19

Intense treatment for damaged hair to give an extra boost for shiny hair and improved hair condition.

The AFTER treatment - Hair Mousse

Toni and Guy Volume Plumping Mousse BUY HERE - £7.75

Mousse for volume and added texture to give a full look from root to ends.

STYLING - Hair Dryer

GHD Air Pink Blush Hairdryer BUY HERE -  £99.00

Professional hairdryer for all hair types. Ten pounds donated to breast cancer each order.

These are the products which I am currently using for my hair and I am excited to grow out my hair and keep it in this shiny condition. 


Em x

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