Sunday, 14 May 2017

Hyde Park and OOTD

Hello lovelies, today's post is on my little day trip to Hyde Park and the outfit that I chose to wear. Me and my two friends went to London to hire out the bikes and cycle around the park and explore a little,what ended up being quite big, part of London. Luckily, we chose a lovely sunny day to do so which allowed me to get the best out of this day; unfortunately I couldn't bring my dslr camera because I had to travel light but I made do of my iPhone's portrait mode as well as shooting a few photos of my outfit beforehand. London is one of my most favourite places in the UK to spend a day with family or friends so I decided to share with you the highlights of my day! Lets get into it:

Since March, I have been loving Bardot tops and I have purchased way too many but hey ho! This one is definitely one of my favourites as I am a huge sucker for lace and the sleeves really pulled this look of, in my opinion. I also love the fit of this top as well as its comfy style, if your looking for off the shoulder tops, New Look is the one this year, especially with their low prices, in comparison to many other shops these days. Furthermore, I paired this shirt with these super comfy mom jeans (however, they were not as comfy when riding a bike round a park for two hours I must admit!). Honestly, I could never see myself wearing any other jeans apart from skinny jeans (Joni Jeans from Topshop are the bomb!) before purchasing these and they have exceeded by expectations and have now become my favourite design of jeans. Anyway, enough waffle, this was the outfit that I wore, pieces are linked below the photo if you are interested in purchasing them. 

I didn't have enough time to capture how beautiful Hyde park actually is but here are a few little tasters. It was actually a day when I realised that there are really pretty 'green'places in London despite how built-up London is, and the increasing tourists who are visiting each day. The atmosphere of Hyde Park was really relaxing and trust me I find it hard to relax, something which I must work on after exams. Honestly if you have the chance to visit and you haven't been before, it's a must do for London. There are millions of opportunities here and something for everyone, it is a popular space to workout, work, grab a snack or meal from many of the little food shacks, take photos, have a cycle around, look at the little flower gardens or simply relax. The bikes are located at many places around the park, they are decently priced and run on a machine that tracks how long you have been on them and you enter your card details at the start and then it takes off how much time you spent on them. It is a reliable system and very efficient, I would definitely recommend checking them out and having a little cycle around the park. It is very safe because most of the roads around the park have a bike only lane which really benefitted us 3 girls. Overall we had a great day and finished it of with some food:) 

I hope you enjoyed reading and if you have any questions about Hyde Park then leave them below and I will try to answer them.

Little announcement: I have exams for the following 36 days and I would like to spend all my time trying to get the best possible results so I'm afraid this will be my last post for the above amount of time. However, when I have finished I have an exciting announcement as well as many new exciting blog posts which will be more frequent than ever before because I will have 12 weeks to myself before college starts so I plan to share with you as much as possible and I promise that I have the best posts coming up, including my 18 day holiday which is going to be the best!

I will be back in approximately 40 days! Love Em x

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For updates for the time that I won't be blogging. Thanks for reading and see you soon!


  1. Pretty blouse! Also love your blog :)

    Stella xx

  2. Lovely photos :) <3 Great post!



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