Saturday, 15 April 2017

Exploring Brighton

Yesterday, myself and my family (apart from one of my younger brother's, who is in turkey) visited Brighton. Somewhere which I have seen in many vlogs on youtube, Zoella and Alfie of course (and many others) and I have been waiting for a lovely sunny day to explore as much of the town as I can. We left at 7am so we arrived at about 8am and we had the whole day for exploring which was great! We started with the old lanes (North Lanes) which contained very unique shops with a lot of antique objects and abstract clothing. They were so interesting and I enjoyed wondering up and down the lanes. We had a photoshoot around the town as graffiti was common amongst the street walls, bins and other pieces of building in Brighton. I personally loved it as it looked super artistic and the graffiti was creative, not destructive. We stopped for lunch in Pizza Express, one of my favourites, yes you can get a cheese free pizza!! We then strolled down to the beach and the pier and we ended up going on all of the funfair rides, which were so fun and entertaining. Unluckily, my mum and dad had to wait hours for me and my brother to finish going on them all (over and over again I must admit) but they had fun laughing at us screaming on all of them! I fell in love with Brighton and I would love to visit again, maybe for a few days next time :) 

BIG NEWS: I just started a Youtube channel!!!! My first video is a vlog from Brighton which I enjoyed creating. I would appreciate any likes, comments or subscriptions and if you're interested then click below to see it! Otherwise I have put in my favourite photos of the day below! Enjoy :)


Lots of Love

Emily C,

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