Sunday, 12 March 2017

Exploring Camden

Yesterday, myself and Coral visited Camden, London. London is one of my favourite places in the UK and I spend a lot of my free time shopping in London and discovering new places. I have always wanted to go to Camden but I always find myself wandering up and down Oxford Street instead, but we planned a trip specifically for Camden so that we would definitely go. 

As soon as we arrived, I knew that it was right up my street... with the casual tourist shops, little market stalls and best of all; the gorgeous food stands and cafes. The town/market as a whole was unique and extremely different to what I am used to but it was definitely somewhere I'd visit again. 

We started by wondering along the market and we looked in the occasional shop. The only negative about this location is that there are quite a few rough people and the people in the tourist shops get annoyed if you don't by anything. We then visited the food market, which was by far my favourite part of the town. I am obsessed with food and I am a complete foodie so this part was what drew me in to this towns beauty. We had a cup of Jamaican Rum, which was hot and possibly the best drink I've ever had. If you are planning on visiting Camden, make sure to find this stall! 

Here are a few photo's that I took:

The style of the shops exterior is so abstract and you would struggle to find this style somewhere else. 

So that's a brief sum-up of my day, if you live near/in London or your coming on holiday here, I would definitely recommend  that you visit Camden, there is a direct tube from London Bridge or Charing Cross and it is so worth visiting!

Love, Em x


  1. Camden is one of my favourite areas of London! I love your outfit :)

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty



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