Monday, 13 February 2017

Single on Valentines Day? No problem! Ft. Michael Kors

Obviously, Valentines Day is intended for those who are in a relationship but I think it is also the perfect opportunity for those who are single. So, if you are in a relationship this is probably irrelevant for you but if you are single then here are some ideas for Valentines Day!

I have seen so many people complaining about being single on Valentines Day but I am just as happy to spend it with my friends. Even if I had to spend valentines day alone, it wouldn't affect me, so here are some ideas for you to do with your friends or by yourself this Tuesday the 14th!

These are all ideas which are intended to spread love, as that is the point of valentines day, whether that if loving yourself, your friends, family and the world. Lets get into it!

Spend time and money on yourself ❤️

Whether this is buying yourself something which you would usually consider luxury, for example this gorgeous Michael Kors coat. It always feels great to buy yourself something new, especially when it's something a bit bigger than usual. Michael Kors sell a wide range of luxurious gifts, I would recommend treating yourself to something if you can!

Michael Kors also have a Valentines section on their website so make sure to check that out.

Why not grab a bottle of red wine, or white, and celebrate in with your friends? If not, grab a glass for yourself and watch Netflix, maybe pamper yourself? I mean why not, it's a day for treating yourself and others if necessary!

Friends ❤️

I think the best idea for single girls, is to spend the day with your close friends. Why not take the time to have a chill day in and order a takeaway and watch movies, seems perfect to me. Or take it to a new level and go out for a fancy meal, it will give you a chance to dress up and feel as if your actually doing something for valentines day, just with your friends not a partner.

Yourself ❤️

I still think that it is so important to be able to love yourself. I believe that if you can't love yourself then you won't be able to love anyone else. I am trying to get myself in this mindset before moving on because I think healthy relationships always form from loving yourself before anyone else, as cringe as it sounds. 

Spend time by yourself, if all of your friends are busy or in relationships. Have a pamper day or just spend the day doing what YOU love. Think about yourself for the day instead of others, it is healthy and will make you feel better about yourself.

Pamper yourself and your friends❤️

This is one of my favourite things to do, it makes me feel so good about myself and allows you to spend the time on yourself which you don't always have. If your feeling adventurous, go to the spa, book a spa day for yourself and maybe your friends, have a few treatments and just chill out. You will feel so relaxed and that is part of valentines, be happy!

Throw a party or go out on the town if your 18+ ❤️

Why not? It's a special occasion, so make the most of it. Get all your girls and go out for a night or throw a house party. You'll have a good night!



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