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Haul: Choice, Topshop and Boux Avenue

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So today i'm back with a haul, my favourite posts to write! I was not expecting to go shopping for clothes yesterday, I actually went out to get my prom dress (WHICH IS BEAUTIFUL BY THE WAY!) and on my way home I went to Bluewater to get a few purchases as I really want to change up my fashion. I have always worn quite basic fashion, the skinny jeans and crop top look, so I have decided as one of my 2017 goals, to change up my fashion and wear completely different clothes. Time to purchase a whole new wardrobe, literally! I am getting a new wardrobe, it is being delivered in a few weeks so I may do a blog post on that. So here's what I brought: 

I have heard to many good things about this shop but I have never actually gone in so I decided to just have a look, without realising that I'd actually find some of my favourite purchases in here. If you don't know what Choice is, it is a shop which sells all designer brands including: Michael Kors, Canada Goose and Moncler. So basically all the top designers. It's a shop which I wouldn't shop in all the time because it is obviously high priced, but their clothes are gorgeous so I had to get a few bits!

So firstly, me and my mum purchased the exact same shawl! I tried it on and actually loved is as soon as, then my mum tried it on and also loved it! I love it and I can't wait to wear this with jeans to make an outfit a little more unique and take it up to a more fashionable level.

The material is so nice and it is so cozy and warm. Perfect for this time of the year. 

This is the second piece that I picked up in Choice. I thought it was so simple but so cute and would look cute with a skirt and knee high boots or just with leggings on a casual day. It has a loose fit and is just comfy all round.

I think that the pink and the grey really compliments each other and the design is suited to many types of clothing.


Jersey - £26.00

I have been attracted to this style of jeans for about a month now, but I wanted to try them on before purchasing them. Well I tried some on yesterday and what can I say.. I literally adore them. The fit around the waste and the bottom is so tight but the middle is quite baggy and this style really complimented my figure. 

I decided to buy a lace bodysuit to go with these jeans. The top is so gorgeous, the only down side is that you can't wear a bra underneath but that did not put me off as I couldn't care!

Bout Avenue♥ 

I knew I had to get these as soon as I saw them. The design really attracted me to these and they are made of satin material which is honestly the most comfy ever!

The design of these is really unique and I thought that the little black triangle in the middle top made them really different to other pj's,

Sometimes I just want to live in dressing gowns, like in the winter they are the cosiest and comfiest things ever. I have had my fleece dressing gown for over 2 years so I decided that it was time to buy a new one. This one is a beautiful design and really cute so I thought I'd purchase this.

I love the warm material and I will definitely be wearing this to bed tonight! Love love love. 

So, that's it for today's haul! Let me know your favourite pieces from it in the comments.

Comment: What is your favourite fashion trend of 2017 so far?

Love, Em Xx

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