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October Favourites 🎃


This is my first post in 2 weeks... I have been so busy at school and after school revision classes that I have had to put my blog to one side until I had the chance to carry on writing posts. Since it is the half term, I thought that now would be the perfect opportunity to write a post without feeling rushed or forced into doing so!

I also thought that I would include many favourites from my favourite tv shows this month to my favourite days out this October. So if you're interested and want to find out a little more about me then read on:

Favourite tv shows this month:

Image result for towie

The only way is Essex... This has to be one of my favourite shows of all time. I am a huge lover of reality TV and if you have been watching at the moment you would have known about all the Pete and Megan drama! 

Another TV series which i've been obsessed with is Ex On The Beach. This year it was so intense but a lot of the scenes with Gary and Lillie were really emotional!

Which leads me on to explaining how excited I am about the new series of Geordie Shore! It starts on Tuesday and I am so buzzing to watch that as it has to be one of my most re-watched shows.

I actually don't watch a lot of tv compared to most people but these are the shows which I have been loving this month.

Favourite hair style this month:

Excuse the basic dog filter but I have been so obsessed with this cute hair style. For school it is so convenient as it keeps your hair out of your face but still allows you to have your hair down. All you need to do to achieve this look is so tie up a messy bun onto your head leaving the bottom layer of your hair down. Then add bobby clips to secure your bun. Straighten the bottom layers of your hair (or curl) and there you go!

Favourite beauty product this month: 

Since the weather has become freezing, here in the UK, my face has become a little dry and flaky. This is mainly due to the cream which I have been prescribed by the doctor for my skin but BIO OIL has literally been saving my life this year.

Last year I had terrible flaky skin and there was nothing which would work from home remedies to moisturizers and shop products. After discovering bio oil, I no longer have to worry when my skin feels flaky as I can just apply a little of this to solve the issue. 

If you have this problem then just apply onto your skin once daily before going to bed. If it is really flaky and your trying to apply makeup then just mix your foundation with a little bit of bio oil and it will moisturize your skin throughout the day as well as evenly applying your makeup.

Favourite makeup look this month: 

I cannot even describe how much I loved this makeup look. I literally didn't want to take it off! The art on the side of my face was done by a lovely lady on the Kat Von D beauty stall in the House of Fraser, London. My eye makeup and eyebrows was done by a lovely women in Mac. Me and my two friends literally spent over an hour in Selfridges, London at the Mac stall getting out makeup done and talking to the makeup artist. This has to be one of my favourite makeup looks that I have had in my life!

Favourite day out:

I have had a few great days and nights out this month but my favourite would have to be my trip to London, yesterday, with two of my bestfriends. 

After we had our makeup done in Mac, on our way home!

The makeup look I went for.

Another photo of our makeup from Mac and Kat Von D.

The cutest dog which looks 100% like a lion, I was so in love ah!

My favourite fashion look this month:

I am not going to bang on about my newest outfit which my last two blog posts have been about as you are probably sick of seeing it but here is my favourite outfit of this month:

Top: River Island
Skirt: Miss Selfridge
Scarf: New Look
Loafers: Russell and Bromley
Bag: Michael Kors Copy

Favourite movie:

This is cheating a little bit as I haven't yet actually seen this movie, only the trailer. Firstly, this film looks sooo amazing. SECONDLY: THEY HAD HEARTLESS, KANYE WEST as the trailer song and I am addicted to that song. And lastly, I am seeing this film tonight with my mum and dad. So I already know that I am going to love this film but I will make sure to leave my opinion on it on my twitter later tonight so check for that at: @emilycarterxoxo

Music events I am going to this month, and booked for next year:

This has to be my favourite of my favourites of this month...

I AM GOING TO THE BOY MEETS WORLD TOUR 2017 NEXT FEBRUARY TO SEE DRAKE, STANDING AT THE 02. I can not stress enough how excited I am for this! 

Also on Wednesday I am going to see Shawn Mendes perform his album launch with my two friends. I love his songs and I am excited to see him perform.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourites this month. At the end of the day I could go on and on and on but i've had to make it as short as I possibly can and just show you what I have been loving the most.

I hope you all have a great halloween and let me know your favourite thing from this October in the comments below:

Much love, Em X


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  1. I am so jealous that you're going to see Drake! I SO want to see him xx

    Gemma • Miss Makeup Magpie ❤️

  2. I'm soo excited for Geordie Shore returning as well, it's such a guilty pleasure! I've actually never seen TOWIE but I keep hearing so many good things about it - it'll definitely be the next series I marathon.
    Lovely post, loving your blog.
    Holly x |

    1. Geordie shore has to be one of my favourites but missing Charlotte!! And Towie is so worth watching you should love it!

      Thanks so much ! Xx

      Em x

  3. Ugh, school has been taking over my life... now i'm in year 11 the homework is flooding in.
    Aleeha xXx

    1. Exactly, hardest year ever! :( good luck! x


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