Monday, 5 September 2016

What's in my school makeup bag

AHHH! Tomorrow i'm going back to school for my final year and i'm soo dreading it after having the long summer holidays off. As many of you will either be heading back to school/college/uni/work, I thought now would be the best time to share with you what is in my makeup bag on the usual school day.  I should also point out that at my school we aren't even allowed to wear makeup but obviously most of us don't listen to that so the following products I apply thinly and are aimed towards achieving a natural makeup look. They are all cheap and affordable for everyone and this is not my makeup routine for school, these are the products which I take incase I need to fix or reapply my makeup.

School makeup bag:

I purchased this makeup back over a year ago but i'm the kind of person who changes makeup bags so frequently that I forget about ones which I love but haven't used much. This one has to be a great purchase because of the material and style. The plastic material keeps everything inside dry if you spill anything, especially something which I find happens to me sometimes in my school bag. I purchased this for about £8.00 but I can't find it anywhere online anymore so i've linked above where you can purchase it but it is for more money so you may want to check websites such as Ebay to see if you can find a better deal.

I purchased this in a set of 3 brushes and a makeup bag which is linked above so you do have to buy the whole set. This isn't the best brush and I find it quite scratchy on the face but for school I prefer bringing my not so loved products just incase I loose them or anything gets stolen. I simply keep this in my makeup bag to apply foundation, powder throughout the day. Sometimes I will also bring a makeup sponge but i'm not going to add a photo of the ones I use as i'm in need of new ones and they are in a right state!

For such a cheap eyebrow kit, this works wonders. It comes with 3 products: wax, powder and highlighter. Using all three products together gives your brows a shaped and defined look which everyone is aiming for, yeah? Also, the kit comes with a small applicator brush and a small pair of tweezers. This has been one of my most used products during the school year and I would reccomend it if your searching for something a bit cheaper.

I always take lip balm to school and apply it frequently throughout the school day. I usually carry this in my blazer pocket and use it whenever is needed. I also carry a tinted balm from The Body Shop incase i'm going out after school and need something a little more uplifting. These are super cheap products which are just an essential for school!

This has such a light coverage but it is buildable and I use it everyday for school. To be honest if we were allowed to wear makeup then I would most likely use a better coverage foundation but this is great for your skin and allowing it to breathe while tinting your skin at the same time. 

To provide coverage on top of the BB cream I use this concealer. I used to use the Maybelline Better Skin Foundation along with this to school but it was too bait and i'd always end up in trouble not wanting to take my makeup off. So I apply this over my spots and blemishes to provide coverage but I try not to go over the top because it is thick and will build up on your skin quickly even when applying small amounts.

Of course you have to carry something to remove or fix your makeup incase something happens, which you may think is impossible at school but it really isn't. Water fights last year always left my face looking a mess and patchy and I didn't have any makeup remover so I just had to get on with it or sweating in PE when you need to fix your makeup. I must admit I hate makeup wipes but for school they are just an essential.

Hairbands  - £2.00

I can't even deal with snag hair bands so these snag free ones are a dream for me. If you have thick hair and you're still using snag hair bands which are always falling apart when you're tying up your hair make sure to try these out.

So this is what's in my school makeup bag and if you would like to see more makeup related posts make sure to comment suggestions below!

Much Love,

Emily x

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  1. Love your makeup bag! <333

    Greeting from Slovenia

  2. Yeah the worst thing ever would be to have expensive makeup items stolen!
    Aleeha xXx


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