Thursday, 8 September 2016

OOTD | Instagram Baddie Inspired


So I don't know about you but i'm soo obsessed with the "Instagram Baddie" look which can be achieved in many ways but i've mainly focused it on the hair and makeup with more of a casual outfit. If you haven't heard of this trend then it is basically someone who is Instagram famous for being a baddie. Usually meaning: spreading trends, having amazing brows "on point" and unspoken confidence. I hope you like this look and hopefully you can try it out, I love it!

Let's get to it:

Jeans & Top - Topshop
Bag - Michael Kors (copy)

I opted for a plain loose vest top as many of the photo's i've seen had plain tops and were not too dressed up but not tracksuit so this was the best for achieving this look. The typical baddie will wear basic clothing usually consisting of nude, mauves, beige and brown plum colours. I'd say pretty much, basic. Some are also often seen in Adidas and street wear.

These skinny Joni jeans from Topshop are one of my most worn pieces in my wardrobe as they are super tight fitting and figure flattering.

The bag featured in the photo above is a fake Michael Kors bag from Zante, I just thought it was super cute and it went so well with this outfit.

I went for the two bun hair style, styled messily but securely. It also looked very similar to many of the "Instagram baddies" photo's on pinterest so this hairstyle was well suited for this look. 

I also went for a heavier eyeshadow look and strong eyebrows to portray this certain style. I used the In the Buff palette among a revolution pallette. I don't have the actual colours used, unfortunately, as I did not record them.

Nude eyeshadows match the colour scheme of the desired look so this was definately beneficial for this look. Brow's should be defined and flawless as well as simple face makeup, pretty much go hard on the eye makeup and easy on the face makeup.

So here is a small lookbook of this Instagram Baddie inspired outfit and makeup look:

I definately feel that the hairstyle is completely different to my normal look and is what made this OOTD stand out more as the baddie style but overall this look is not far off my standard daily outfit and makeup.

I hope you enjoyed and if you decide to try this out then please let me know how it turned out and tag me in your Instagram photos! My Instagram is @emilyelizacarter so make sure to check that out and follow me for updates on my personal life!

Much love to y'all 

Em XxXx


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