Friday, 12 August 2016

Topshop Summer Essentials

I love a good essentials post, if you haven't yet realised! Topshop is my favourite brand of clothing so when I picked up a few pieces in here the other week, I knew I had to share these with everyone! Instead of adding these to my summer haul, I thought that showing you some of my favourite essential clothing pieces would make a good post!

These 4 pieces literally portray my essentials collection. These can all be mixed with different colours and different styles of clothing. Although basic, they are so fashionable and look amazing on. I can't wait to wear all these on holiday and i'm dead excited to take photo's in these pieces. 

Very very basic but gorgeous! I love the colour as it will go with anything and it just looks amazing. Also, it's so casual as well as being more sophisticated if worn with a skirt or something more dressy. 

I am so obsessed with the style and colour of this. I have so many tie up tops that I thought a bodysuit would be gorgeous so I had to purchase this! I can't wait to wear this on the beach alone, with skirts and with shorts. The colour just makes me adore it and i'm buzzing to put this on!

I can't find a link to this top but I have it in a few colours now and I love how it looks on. They actually come up quite short on and are very cleavagy but they are so gorgeous and I can't wait to wear these on holiday as they are super cool and great to wear over a bikini top.

I find that a pair of black bottoms are so essential for the summer. The high waisted style and banding on these just is so up my street and I had to buy these when I saw them in Topshop the other week. I will be matching these with many different bikini tops and I honestly think that they will go with any top.

So these are just a minority of my summer essentials from Topshop, I love them so much. 

Do you have any summer essentials from Topshop?

Love, Em x


  1. I love that tie up bodysuit, the colour is gorgeous!
    Jen / Velvet Spring x

  2. Can you do a post showing us how you style these 4 items?
    Aleeha xXx

    1. Definitely! Will keep this in mind for a future post!x


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