Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Skincare Must Haves


Sorry that I haven't been posting much recently. I have been spending time with friends and chilling as after being away with the family; I had a few people I needed to catch up with and spend more time with but now i'm back and hopefully will have more frequent posts!

There are a few skincare products which I have recently come across and a few which I have been using for a longer period of time which I really believe to help my skin when using frequently and at the right time. 

I also have a more detailed post related to skincare which goes through my skincare routine as a whole so if you would be interested in reading that click here

The products above are all super affordable and if you struggle from spot prone skin (LIKE ME :( ) these may be worth a try. These are not all involved in my daily routine but I do use most of these fairly often.

Distilled witch hazel - purchase here - £2.00

I was recommended this by my boyfriend's parents. Before this I had never actually heard of it but i'm so glad I came across it for multiple reasons. On the bottle it says that it is for soothing of bruises and sprains and also as a cooling applicator for minor irritations and soreness however I find that it's great for preventing major breakouts. Another great purpose of this is that it really soothes sunburn and encourages healing which was a bonus while I went away.

*Sudocrem skin care cream* -  purchase here - £2.09

Also another great product which I have only recently come across. The gorgeous Miriam Brown sent me this and I wasn't sure is it was really going to benefit my skin but after using it for just under a week I have already noticed when applied to spots it really helps to reduce inflammation. Rita Ora, Cheryl, Daisy Ridley, Lara Stone and Amanda Holden have also been a huge fan of this product. I can honestly say that this is worth trying out.

Aloe Vera Vaseline - purchase here - £1.25

This is one of my older purchases which I still love to pieces. Apart from the obvious reason - to apply on your lips there are a few which you may not know about which I have used as hacks for my beauty routine. Firstly, if you get those dry cracks under your nose which absolutely kill, apply a thin layer throughout the day and it will quickly seal and help the healing of them fastly! Also apply under your eyes before sleeping to minimise dark circles on those early mornings, deffo a school hack!

Bio Oil - purchase here - £5.99

Despite having oily skin, I do tend to get a few days on colder days when my skin decides to completely dry up and it is a killer! If you get this make sure to purchase a bottle of this as it does wonders, honestly! Massage into your skin morning and evenings for maximum results. Also apply on stretch marks and scars to improve appearance,

These are just a few of my skincare must haves which are all worth trying out. Let me know your fave skin care products below and what you find works for your skin!

Much love,

Emily x


  1. My skin has been breaking out so badly recently, especially on my forehead, but I think it's finally starting to get a little better
    Aleeha xXx

    1. Try the sudocream skin cream, working wonders for me at the moment & it's super cheap! Xx


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