Friday, 5 August 2016

Favourite Real Technique Brushes

One set of brushes which you can't go wrong with are the Real Technique brushes. I'm not gonna lie, I do wish I had the rose gold collection but I haven't got £60 to spend on a few makeup brushes at the moment so that post will have to wait a while. But for now, these are my favourite brushes which are so reliable and just all over amazing.

These are the four brushes which I use most frequently at the moment. I am so obsessed with them and they are very reasonably priced for how good they are. 

Firstly, I have the set of 3 which also came with this little case. Even though the case isn't exactly pretty, it's great for protecting the brushes which is why I have left them in it instead of keeping them in the pot with all of my other brushes. All three brushes I oftenly use. 

I also have the foundation brush, which I purchased AGES ago, like over a year and a half which is why I can't actually find the exact link but they do sell almost identical products to this so don't worry if that's what you're looking for.

I find that these brushes can be used for different purposes as well as the one stated specifically on the brush. I use the big multi task brush (pink) so oftenly to powder my face but I have also used it to blend in my foundation before. It's unbelievable how soft it is on your face and it's the fluffiest brush ever. I so adore it!

I use the foundation brush now and then but I prefer to use the real technique sponges to blend my foundation at the moment as it goes on better for my skin type.

The 3rd one down, I use for highlight and sculpting a lot. I find it's got the right shape for bronzing, etc... 

Finally, the eye makeup brush is amazing for applying that main eye shadow colour. It's also great for blending eyeshadows together once applied.

Overall, these four brushes are a must have for me and I would recommend them to anyone who's trying to get reasonably priced amazing brushes!

Reasons why I adore these brushes:

  1.  They are extremely soft to apply makeup with, you don't get any of the harsh bristles rubbing against your skin, aggravating your skin further. 
  2. They are multi-task even though not specifically stated. You can use them for what you feel will work best, obviously their primary purposes are going to be most effective but still...
  3. They are super easy to clean and don't get ruined if cleaned properly.
  4. They blend makeup in a blist second. It doesn't take hours of rubbing and correcting, first time then off you go!
  5. Finally, they look so nice. You can even see from the photos how soft they look and that's just even more appealing to me!

I hope you enjoyed this post, i'm working on many beauty posts as it's something I love but don't write about as much so I am working on improving that!

Love Em X 


  1. I really want the bold metals collection too... very pricey though! To be honest though, their original collection is also amazing anyway!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. I know, want them so much but too much money at the moment!! Xx

  2. Great photos! ♥



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