Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Cornwall 2016


It feels like I haven't wrote a post in forever! If you read my July Life Update, you will know that I recently went on a weeks holiday to Cornwall with my boyfriend and his family which is the reason why all my posts have been scheduled. Unfortunately, this is happening again with this post and the following 5 or so as i'm currently in Zante, Greece for two weeks. 

Anyway, this holiday had to be one of my favourites. Cornwall is somewhere that I think of as a second home because I used to go yearly with my family as my mum was scared of flying until last year. I was so excited to visit again as I haven't been in a few years. We stayed in a mobile home (like a big caravan) in Bude, the resort was lovely and really laid back. The arcade was too addicting and we definately wasted too much of our money in there!! 

So here is an overview, mostly in photo's, of my holiday:

Travelling OOTD: New Look. 

This is included in my Big Summer Haul Post. I absolutely love it and it was so comfy to travel in considering that I had a 7 and a half hour car journey... I will definately be wearing this to the airport!

This is Bude beach, a 25 minute walk from the holiday resort. We found ourselves walking here at least twice a day for the whole holiday - it was beaut. 

This was unluckily our only hot day of the holiday, typical England but we both got so sunburnt that it was probably ideal that the sun stayed hidden for the rest of the holiday although I do hate the rain and cloudy weather.

Also on our first day, we went for a walk along the cliffs. Their were SOO many photo opportunities that I had to take loads and aren't they just gorgeous!

I totally look like i'm about to fall off OMG!!

I found it so relaxing and mind clearing walking across these cliffs looking at the sea. I also sat on the edge a few times which was risky but totally worth it and it definately added to the relaxing effect. I sat for about an hour with my feet on the edge listening and singing to music on my own, that's how chilled I was, if only I lived near here!

If you follow my Instagram: @emilyelizacarter you might have seen these photo's. 

One of the main highlights of our holiday, despite some of my ongoing moaning about how cold the sea was, was surfing. We both brought wetsuits and a surfboard and most days enjoyed at least an hour of surfing before we started to feel the cold, mostly me to be honest. The waves were incredible and we had a great time!

We also went to the local town of Bude a few times to shop for gifts. It was so gorgeous and full of gift shops. Literally like a beach town, which I adore.

On one of our last days, we visited Boscastle which was stunning. I've been here before when I was younger so it brought back a lot of memories. The town is also so small and cute and packed of beautiful shops.

Sitting on the edge here was one of the most calming places i've sat and it instantly made me so relaxed and happy, i'm not telling you to go do that though because it's easy to slip and you could seriously hurt yourself...

This holiday was 100% what I needed after a long stressful year of school. Followed by two weeks in Zante, definately a great start to my summer this year!

Let me know where you're going on holiday this year or if you have any summer plans!

Lots of love,

Emily X


  1. You and your boyfriend make such a cute couple! I would love to go to Greece one day!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. Aw thank you beautiful! I'm actually in Greece right now!! Xx


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