Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Beach Essentials

It's summer, and i'm on holiday, so of course this is an appropriate time for holiday posts. I don't know about you but I spend so much time on the beach when i'm abroad. It's the main priority for me while on holiday to be on the beach, I just love it so much. 

When going to the beach, I like to pack lightly, literally I take myself (then sometimes i'll take a whole bag of stuff...) but I do love having no bag so that you can purely enjoy yourself instead of having to worry about where your bag is. Don't get me wrong, I do love taking my camera, Iphone and other devices to the beach in order to get my photo's but that's not an everyday thing. 

So i'm going to share with you my favourite beach essentials for a trip to the beach which you can literally pop on and go out without the need for a bag. 

So these are 5 of my favourite pieces to use while sunbathing and chilling at the beach. Together, I feel that these look amazing together and I adore these pieces, especially the swimsuit.

Sylvija Navy Multi Strap Swimsuit  - Misspap - £20 - £10 on sale at the moment!

I have been looking for a swimsuit like this for ages! Kady of Love Island posted a photo on Instagram wearing a very similar one which pointed me in the direction of this Misspap one! It was also reduced on the holiday sale to £10 so there was literally no way that I was letting it go! As this post is scheduled, i'm not sure whether it will be going up after the sale or not. I'm so in love with the style of this and I am so excited to try it on!

Faded Flip Flops - Superdry - £14.99

For such a reasonable price, these are so worth buying. Last year, I also purchased these for holiday and they lasted the whole time and I wore the same pair in Cornwall so a new pair was definately in need however they do last an outstanding amount of time! I also love the faded effect of these and the colour will look gorgeous in the sunlight!

Pru Portugal Sunglasses - Topshop - £16

Originally I wanted these in black but when my mum went to the store, they didn't have them so she brought me them in this shade, which is equally as gorgeous if not, more summery. You also get a case, in your choice of colour, which is included in the £16 which is such a great deal! Be sure to protect your eyes if your going abroad or somewhere that hot!

Malibu Bronzing Oil 8SPF - Amazon - £4.80

Tanning oil for me is a must have. I don't tan the easiest out of everyone so to progress my tan I use this. It's important to use a sunscreen under this though, especially when you're starting to tan and if you buy it in a low SPF like I have. 

Burtsbees Lip Balm - Burt's Bees - £3.99

Finally, I think a good moisturizing lip balm is essential for holidays because of the damaging sun rays. You can purchase these in different flavours and I find that they smell delicious. 

These are my favourite things to take to the beach. I'd love to know your beach essentials and if you like anything on my list!

Love, Emily x


  1. That swimsuit is so cute! I can't wait for it to be summer again in Australia xx :)

  2. The swimsuit is gorgeous. I actually went to the beach today!
    Aleeha xXx


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