Sunday, 10 July 2016

Summer Haul 2016

It's that time of the year again when i'm starting to rush around to find bits and bobs for holiday which I haven't purchased already. I'm actually going on holiday with my boyfriend in about a week and a half and considering that I have school, I have literally barely anytime to prepare. Also, a few days after I get home from Cornwall, i'm flying to Zante for two weeks with my family so I thought getting all (well most of) my shopping done now would probably be better. I've actually done another big haul, with more expensive items, which will be up next month so make sure to follow me on Bloglovin' for updates!


I'm definately one of those people who put a label on Primark sometimes. I have to admit that i'm not too keen on their clothes but i've found a range of clothes which are basics, but worth buying for cheaper! 

Vest-Tops - £1.80 Each

One of my favourite things to buy from Primark are vest tops. They are so comfy and soft and I really don't see the need to buy more expensive ones when you can get them for so cheap in perfectly decent material.

Black Leggings - £3.00 Each

Leggings are always an essential for travelling and holidays where the weather isn't guaranteed. (I'm talking about Cornwall not Zante, incase you think i'm going mad). There's not much to talk about on these so yeah, cheap and essential!

Light Pink Bed Vest Top - £3.00

Another bargain! Honestly if you felt this without knowing where it's from, you would definately never guess Primark. The material feels so silky and soft, I can't wait to wear this in bed! 

Printed Shorts - £2.50

I love, love, love buying pj shorts from Primark. I love the style and they are just so comfy to wear to bed. I would recommend checking their range out if you're in need of some pj's for sure.

3 Pack Pants - £3.00

I might as well add these in as they are super summery colours and I just had to buy them!!

9 Pack Earrings - £2.00

Seriously, how gorgeous are these! Rose gold is one of my favourite colours for jewellery so when I saw these I instantly fell in love with them. I'm in desperate need of some new earrings for holiday, and knowing me i'll lose them so a cheap pack is exactly what I need.


Shorts - £10.00

One thing i'm so fussy on is shorts, which explains why I don't own many. This style is so up my street and seeing as I couldn't spend too much money today, super cheap. They sell these in many different colours, I was so tempted to get the white ones but knowing me i'd probably spoil them in a matter of minutes.

Miss Selfridge

Halter Neck - £12.00

I've currently been obsessing over these, no word of a lie. I've got a pink one also from Miss Selfridge which you will be able to see in my photo at the top of my blog. I just think they look so nice on and are great for the summer, apart from the tan lines but oh well!

New Look

D Rib Mary Kate Tee - £7.99

I've actually been looking for a top like this for ages and i'm so happy that i've finally got one in the cutest colour as well! I'll definately be wearing this a lot in Cornwall, not too sure about Zante though.

Light Blue Bikini - Top - £3.99 - Bottoms - £3.99

Don't you just think of summer when seeing this colour, apart from the fact it's a bikini duhhh! I think that this would look so beaut with a golden tan in the sun, I can't wait to be taking photo's in this one.

Pink Bikini Top - £9.99

This one has a lot more padding than the other one which I prefer on occasions. I didn't buy the matching bottoms as they did not have them in my size but this will go with any plain black or pink bottoms so I just grabbed the top.

Flower Bikini Top - £9.99

This one is also slightly padded. The pattern on this made me fall in love with it but again, I couldn't find the bottoms in my size so I only brought the top. How stunning though!

NYC Top - £9.99

This is another item which I have been searching for everywhere. I think I might wear this on the plane if I don't buy a tracksuit before holiday which I probably will if I think about it. But this top is so my style and i'm buzzing to wear it!

Sports Direct

Grey Leggings - £5.00

I've only worn black leggings and the odd pair of patterned ones so I decided to buy these to mix things up a little. They feel a lot softer than my normal leggings and they are from Golddigger if you want to check them out, they're also available in many different colours.

Puma Socks - £8.00 for both packs

Socks are usually one thing I always need but never buy. I also love the feel of new socks when you first put them on, does anyone get what I mean?

That's it for today's haul but I have so much more to come!

Let me know what your favourite piece from this haul was and what your wanting at the moment!

Love Emily X


  1. I love Primark, so cheap yet beautiful clothing! Those earrings look gorgeous. Have a lovely time on your travels <3
    FloralsAndCoralsx//Our Blog

  2. Those Bikinis are just to cute! I don't have a Primark in Australia sadly.

  3. Hope you have two great holidays, you've found some really great pieces to take with you! :)

    1. Thank you and yeah finally nearly done with shopping for this holiday!X


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