Wednesday, 27 July 2016

My BIG Summer Haul 2 | 2016

I've got to admit, these are one of my favourite posts to write. I love shopping like i'm seriously addicted. SHOPAHOLIC. That would be me described in a word. If there's a chance to go shopping, i'm straight on it, all plans cancelled! Maybe you can relate? Or maybe i'm too obsessed! 

Over the past month or so i've been holiday shopping as i've got two holidays coming up. As you're reading this, i'm most likely in Cornwall with my boyfriend! 

The majority of this haul was actually bought before my other haul post, if you want to check that out click here: Summer Haul 2016

Let's get into it:

Calvin Klein

If you oftenly read my blog, you may remember that I did a collab with my friend Coral on these tops, if you want to see that click here. These tops are so cute, everyone has them, they never go out of style. With so many ways to style them, you can't go wrong can you!

Miss Selfridge 

Bardot tops are my all time favourite this season. Just think, last summer i'd never heard of them and this year they are like the new trend. It's something about how they fit that I adore. Also just for £16 you almost have to get one, they are in many different colours and look gorgeous with anything. 

I have another dress nearly identical to this but I had to pick it up as my other one is ripped and this one has the style which I look for when dress shopping. I can't wait to wear this in Zante to parties and evening meals as the colour red is just so sassy and beautiful for the summer. Can't go wrong with a red dress can a girl?

Yes, I need to get the iron out... But another bardot style item. How gorgeous is this. I can't really imagine what I will look like in this but i'm pretty sure I will love it. I bought this one with a bar party in mind as it's just got that vibe when I look at it. I LOVE a good dress but you will hardly ever see me in a dress because I prefer to only wear them to events and parties as it makes you look better than you usually do. Is that complete ramble or do you guys agree?

This is another style which I have been loving recently. I have uploaded loads of instagram photos @emilyelizacarter  wearing this top. It's available in different patterns and colours and for £8.00 a complete bargain!

Bra Rib Top - £18

I love bralette style tops. They are so up my street like the tight fitting ones I find suit my figure the best. Also, when in a hot country, a small top is so much more appealing comfort wise than a t-shirt. This one was a must have for me as soon as I spotted it.

Similar to this - Approx £25

I can't find this any more on the website but I purchased this quite a while ago so that's probably why. The sophisticated style of this dress really drew my attention towards it and it's such a unique design that I couldn't resist buying it. 

This is another style which baffled me. It is stunning like I saw it out of the corner of my eye and already new I had to buy it. On it looks so gorgeous, the only bad thing is how the top of the sleeve kept pushing up to high when I moved around but it was dealable.

The one on the left is from Miss Selfridge but I picked it up in the Sales a few months ago so it isn't available anymore. I wore this the other day but I picked it up in a 4 instead of a 6 as i'm stupid and don't look at the tags sometimes so I had to wear it without a bra which made it a little more revealing. But for holiday I think this will be 100% suitable. It was approx £10 on sale.


Outfit all from Topshop 

Similar Tops - Approx £8

I can't find this online but I purchased it in London the other weekend so i'm sure if you go in store they are still available. This top looks so nice on and I regret not buying it in more colours as it's so comfy I could wear these everyday and night!

This is stunning. To be honest, I will probably wear it with shorts alone when i'm in Greece as it just looks to stunning not to show off. 

Moto Jeans - £42

Topshop jeans are the only jeans I can pull off. I feel so uncomfortable unless i'm in Topshop jeans. It's something about them that I just love. The skin hugging fabric makes them show off your figure and also feels so comfortable which is a bonus.


I have to add in this singular pair of pants simply because of how comfy they look and for walking round in your hotel room on holiday, as well as sleeping in, these will be a dream! 

Azelle Collection

If you haven't seen these all of Twitter then fair enough but i'm sure many of you have and you have wanted one! Well I found one (linked below photo) and was overwhelmed when I purchased it. I can't wait to wear this on holiday and get gorgeous beach photos in it! Will be uploaded on here don't worry! 

After seeing the leaf printed one I knew I had to purchase another from the site as they are flawless and the material looks and feels so comfy and of good quality. I also am buzzing to wear this bikini on holiday.


Two Piece Set - £25

This is one of my faves from this haul like can we take a minute to look at how gorgeous this is. I brought this about 3 months back but I haven't worn it yet so I might as well include it in this haul. The fabric is so soft and the style is just beaut don't you agree?

H & M 

Shorts Collection - Each approx £5

Just a few pairs of cotton simple shorts are great for holiday. You just have to have a few pairs of cheap shorts for holiday don't you!

New Look

I've been wanting one of these for a VERY VERY long time and I finally bought one last week. I plan to wear this on the way to Cornwall as I have a 7 hour car journey and on the plane to Zante. It's lightweight material is so soft and comfortable that I had to buy this for travelling. 

I don't think that this is my normal style of dress as I usually lean towards bodycon dresses but with a tan on holiday I think that this will look amazing. I am so buzzed to have a tan and be able to pull this off!

Finally, that is the end of my haul. I will be picking up a few other pieces and I still need a few more bits for Zante but this is the majority of my new clothes as well as my haul I wrote 2 weeks ago, make sure to check that out. 

Let me know what piece from this was your favourite and if you will be purchasing anything from here!

Love Em x


  1. Loving all those pieces! Super cute for summer, thanks for sharing Em. xx

    1. I am obsessed with a lot of peices in this haul to be honest!! Thanks for reading! X

  2. I love the summmer haul.


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