Tuesday, 12 July 2016

My All Time Favourite Lashes | Eylure

Honestly, i've only just got myself obsessed with the fake lash trend. Back in the Easter holidays, I got myself a set of individuals put on from my local salon but they fell off just after a week when they told me that they would last about two. But that situation was that you get what you pay for so there's no need for me to carry on complaining!

Anyway, a few months back, I bought myself a set of eyelashes, may I add for cheap, from savers and I tried applying them and I literally wrecked them from the amount of times I tried to get them to stick. Like they were impossible to get on and they were the stiffest ones i've ever felt. About a month ago, I discovered Eylure Eyelashes (not sponsored) which are flawless!

You can pick up a pack containing one set for around £5 so they really are a bargain, as well as being cheap, they stay on for the whole day and are available in a huge variety of lengths and shapes. I promise you that these won't disappoint you and I really recommend that you check them out!

So, these are the only three that I have ever used but I can guarantee you that they are all worth getting if long lashes are your style, they are definately mine! All packs come with glue to apply them and the orange pack also comes with an applicator which I don't actually use but is handy if you need one.

These are actually the first pair from this collection that I bought and wore. These are full of volume and are of varied length to produce a bolder look. On the website, linked under the photo, it also states that they enhance your eyes natural beauty. 

I'm sorry for the dodgy photo here but I had already used them but below are a few photo's of how they looked on...

You can really see how they enhance your eyes and bring your makeup look to the next level. I think these are my favourite of the 3 that I have tried and they stayed on really well for the whole day I was in London and until I went to bed which was about 2am!

When I first looked at these I have to admit that I did think of halloween! I'm sure you'll get where i'm coming from with the long spiky lashes but I decided to come out of my comfort zone and give them a go. 

I found that these were a little harder to apply and didn't stay on that well but that is most likely because i'm still a beginner at this and I haven't yet mastered fully the fake eyelashes!

These definately give your look more attitude and look so good when applied rather than in the packet.

You can clearly see that I haven't applied the inner corner properly, which I did fix before I went out! Don't these look stunning on though! 

These I love as much as the first pair purely because of how long they stay on for. I have to add this in though, my boyfriend ripped one off my accident that was not even funny!!! 

These are classic eyelashes and are suitable for an everyday look. They apply so easily and have a beautiful look when applied correctly. I have reused this pair about 3 times and I think I could possibly get away with a fourth but i'm not going to push it!

See how lovely these look on! I will definately be re-buying these soon...

What are your favourite lashes at the moment and have you used Eylure ones before?

Em X


  1. They look amazing, I have to buy them!


  2. I've never tried Eyelure lashes before, but the first ones look stunning! I think Fleurdeforce has her own eyelashes range with eyelure!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. Trust me, they're worth a try!!xxx


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