Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Life Update July

Hey everyone!

So the thing is, I haven't actually ever sat down and wrote a post purely on my life and what is going on at the moment. I have seen a reasonable amount of bloggers do this and I really enjoy reading them as you get to know the blogger more and feel like you have a connection with them instead of just being 'the audience'. 

As I have a lot of exciting things coming up this summer, I just thought i'd do a very quick post on my life right now. One of the main reasons for this is because i'm actually so busy tonight and tomorrow getting ready to go away so I don't have spare hours to sit down and right an amazing post so sorry about that! 

Don't worry either, I am going to try my hardest to make this a non-rambly post which is straight to the point as I know how it feels trying to read someone's post about something and having to click off because it gets too detailed and a little boring sometimes so i'm not gonna be that person today anyway!

Here is what has been going on in my life recently and in the upcoming week or so...

End of School!

One of the most amazing feelings in the world, for me, is breaking up for the summer holidays. I am so excited that I can focus more on doing stuff that i'm actually interested in (BLOGGING DUH!) and spend lots of time with family, friends and my boyfriend. Even though i'm meant to be finishing school Friday, i'm actually finishing on Thursday(TOMORROW WOO)just because I am on holiday Friday. We'll get onto that in a min. After 3 weeks of holidays, I will be making sure to post more than ever and hopefully have a week or two where I post every day! I'm so excited for that.


If you haven't yet heard me rambling on and on about going on holiday with my boyfriend on Friday, I have no idea how you've escaped that. Ask anyone from my school and they will know exactly when, where and who with i'm going. But onto the point, I am so excited for Cornwall. This will be my first ever holiday with my boyfriend and we will be staying in a caravan. I always used to go Cornwall up until last year when I went Zante instead (Going back this year for two weeks buzzing!). So it's kind of like my second home, and i'm so excited to go back especially with Harry. 

Orange is the new black

Right, I have always been a sucker for tv shows. Especially Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries. As i'm up to date on these I decided that finding a new one would be a great idea when it probably isn't in a lot of ways. One, I get addicted to easily and will spend all my time watching it - aka no social life for me. Secondly, I will binge watch them one after another without realising the time flying by. Overall, I will just be totally obsessed. But, I have to admit, how AMAZING is this show. Why I haven't started watching it before now I don't know but i'm already 8 episodes in after about 5 days of watching it...

The HOT HOT weather in the UK

Who'd have thought that it could have reached over 32 degrees in the UK this summer. Not me. Unfortunately i've had school all of this week so i've been stuck working in the sweaty classrooms but at breaks and lunch myself and my friends have been enjoying sunbathing on the grass every lunch. A nice day and all the English are out trying to change that pale white skin for a nice tanned glow. 

Scheduling Blog Posts

Because i'm away on holiday from Friday 22nd to Friday 29th of July then again from August 3rd to 17th, I will be scheduling posts a lot of the time. Make sure to follow my twitter @emilycarterxoxo for updates as they may be unevenly spaced but i'm trying my hardest to provide good quality content for the next 3 weeks. 

These are just a few things which are going on right now and if you enjoy reading this kind of post make sure to comment below as I wouldn't mind writing a few more!

Where are you going on holiday this year or where would you love to be going?

Love, Em X


  1. Today is my first day of the summer holiday... I'm super excited! My family are coming over on Monday!
    Aleeha xXx

  2. Love the personal post. Enjoy your holidays. I love the The Vampire Diaries too, obsessed with the show and I've only seen S1 of Orange is the new Black. It's really hot here in Toronto, Canada also but I'm not complaining because before you know, it will start getting cold again.x

    Face to Curls |

  3. Loved this post Em. Hope you have a great holiday. xx

  4. Breaking up for summer is the best feeling ever, isn't it, there is so much more time in hand to do other stuff that you really want to do xx

    Bollianaxo | Student's Lifestyle Blog


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