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Favourite Lip Balms | Products

Lip balms have to be one of my most used beauty products, seasonally. I tend to reach for them while at school more than ever but I also include them in my daily makeup routine, and before bed. 

There are so many reasons why moisturizing your lips should be a regular part of your day. If you're in a relationship, i'm pretty sure you will already know what a difference lip balm can make and the plumper lip look is much more attractive than dry lips! Think of it as moisturizing your body and face, i'm sure most of you do that! Just make sure you don't go overboard and apply layer after layer as this can dry out your lips, defeating the purpose.

So, just to add a bit of research in, here is why lip balm is effective and why you should use it:

  • Your skin heals faster when applying moisture, preventing infections and cracked lips.
  • Same as facial moisturizer, having moisturized lips can make you appear younger, no wrinkles around your pout!
  • Your lipstick will look 100 times better. We've all been there when you have dry lips but need to apply lipstick and end up looking like a dry mess!
  • Don't lick your lips, this will make them dryer, it's been proven!
Anyway, enough of the rambling, here is my lip balm collection:

I have included a range of lip balms from the basic non scented balms to the tinted and plumping ones. There will be one for everyone here so make sure to click on the link below each photo if you're interested in buying any of the mentioned products!

Nivea Sun Protect SPF 30 Purchase: here £4
Cherry Carmex Purchase: here £2.69
Vaseline Aloe Vera: here £1.95

These are all beneficial for dry lips, especially. I'm not saying you shouldn't use them if you don't but they are all amazing for those times when you're in need for a fast lip balm to recover your dry cracked lips. 

Nivea Sun Protect is amazing for when you're in harsher weather conditions especially the winter; I first discovered this when I went skiing in Italy and it prevented my lips from drying out completely.

Aloe Vera Vaseline is just the basic vaseline but with the scent of aloe vera which also adds extra moisture.

Carmex is one which i've only recently discovered and it's actually my favourite lip balm at the moment. It plumps your lips and smells heavenly!

Baby Lips Purchase: here £2.99
Rosy Lips Vaseline Purchase: here £1.95
Body Shop Born Lippy Purchase: here £2.00

Left to Right: Baby Lips, Born Lippy, Vaseline.

Sometimes normal lip balms get a bit boring, so why not try a tinted one to manage a coloured look as well as moisturizing at the same time. I also have the electro pink lip balm but it's buried under all of my makeup so I couldn't find it for this post.

The baby lips one is quite strong and is a bright pink whereas the other two are more subtle.

All baby lips Purchase: here £2.99 Each

From the minute these came out, as in all Baby Lips, I have been so obsessed. I have to say i'm not as addicted to them as I used to be but I still love them. They give great moisture to your lips and they maintain it throughout the day if applied a few times. I have to say that i'm not too keen on the electro range but the others I adore.

Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub Purchase: here £5.50

I'm aware that this isn't as such a lip balm but it is great for keeping your lips smooth and when applied with lip balm over the top, achieves a gorgeous soft plumped lip effect. It is so worth it and available in different tastes, even better, you can lick it off your lips after scrubbing and it tastes so gorgeous.

Kiko Lip Plumper Purchase: here £6.90

This is one of my most recent discoveries. To be honest, i've never actually believed that these would make much of a difference, but I couldn't be more wrong. I'm so in love with this, and straight after the first application I could already see a small difference. Every little counts doesn't it ;) 

So, I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you may have found a new lip balm to try out! Overall, I would recommend the Carmex lip balm as it has done wonders to my lips as well as being on the cheap side!

Let me know in the comments what lip balms you have been using lately and what your all time favourite is!

Much Love,

Em X


  1. I love Blistix =]

  2. Replies
    1. I haven't heard of that before, and thank you!X

  3. I've never tried any lip balms from Carmex, but I definitely to try one!
    I personally love Vaseline for my lips!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. I'd definitely recommend it, my fave at the moment!xx

  4. i dont have favorite lip balm but love to collect maybelline baby lips! they are so adorable


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