Sunday, 24 July 2016

Andrew Barton | Hair Care

If you read my Hair Care | Growth Tips last month, you will know that i'm trying to grow out my dyed hair, and i'm very close to having it all natural, give it another 4 months. Thanks to those products and vitamins, my hair has become a lot more healthy so make sure to check that post out if you haven't seen it. 

I like mixing up my hair care routine as it enables me to find new products to add into it and to get rid of ones which are not as effective so when I came across these in my box of hair care I was very happy.

I received these as a present from my friend a LONG time ago and I tried them out the other day and I have many pro's and a few con's about them so I thought I might as well review these on here. 

So this set consists of a shampoo, conditioner and a hair spray which all specialise in volumizing. Which i'm not gonna lie, I really don't need as my hair is thick but I thought that they would be worth a try. 

Big body building shampoo

This is probably my least favourite product in this range as I didn't see a difference while using it to a normal shampoo. However, the smell is really refreshing. This is a lightweight shampoo and I believe that it didn't add any volume on my hair as I already have super thick hair. If you have thin hair, this is most likely to work wonders. 

Big body building conditioner

Conditioning and hair masks are my favourite part of washing my hair as they really make my hair revitalized. So coming across this gorgeous scented conditioner, really hyped me. I can't say that it's so much better than an argan oil conditioner but if you're looking to build volume as well as conditioning, which is something hard to do sometimes, this one is worth a try. 

Despite having thick hair, I realised that this is different to a normal conditioner and it still managed to add a little volume to my hair and once dry, my hair did feel a lot bouncier. 

Lifting Spray

This product is by far my favourite in this range. It's also what inspired me to write this blog post as I love it so much. I find that a lot of hair sprays are so sticky and make your hair look either too shiny or greasy so this one really gave me the results I look for in a spray. 

As well as lifting those bits of hair which don't want to volumize, it really does help strengthen your hair. I definately recommend this to you, once again, especially if you have thin hair.

Make sure to check these products out if you're in need of some volume, as I said before, my hair isn't really in need of any volume so these may not be best suited to my hair type but I do love the hair spray so i'm going to continue to use this until I find something else,

What are your opinions, are you going to try this out?

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