Thursday, 14 July 2016

30 Travel Blog Post Ideas

Everyone could do with a little inspiration sometimes, I know that I definitely do, now and then. As it is summer and I am obsessed with travelling, I decided that I would write a list of 30 travel blog ideas to hopefully inspire you and myself!

July and August are the two months which I will most likely write a few ton of posts related to travel, especially as my two holidays are quickly approaching. I'm not too sure if I am going to write much on Cornwall as I am staying in a caravan with my boyfriend and his family so I won't have much time to blog as I want to spend time with them instead of sitting on a laptop/phone. But don't worry, I'm away for 2 weeks in Zante, I will have cover posts going up frequently, and when I get home you will possibly even have daily posts on Zante for the consecutive two weeks after I return home, so the pictures are about to get beaut!!

I personally find travel post's one of the most entertaining to read, especially since traveling the world is one of my main goals for the future. I also love seeing beautiful photo's of bloggers on holiday as well as travelling tip posts so I've come up with the following list to hopefully inspire a few of you into using a couple ideas from here on your own blog, as well as giving myself a little BIG list of ideas for the upcoming months.
  1. Top tips for packing a carry on bag
  2. Top tips for packing your suitcase
  3. Essentials for a long haul flight
  4. Essentials for a short haul flight
  5. A day in my life in ________
  6. How to get over your fear of flying
  7. My ideal holiday destinations
  8. My travelling bucket list
  9. Top beaches in ______
  10. Hotel Reviews
  11. Restaurant Reviews
  12. A day in my life
  13. 5 things you must do while visiting ______
  14. Best locations for Instagram photos in _______
  15. Useful travel apps
  16. Best free things to do while in a hot country
  17. Video diary linked to your blog on YouTube
  18. Beauty essentials while travelling
  19. Travelling solo
  20. Travelling tips
  21. 10 must do's while in a foreign country
  22. How to stay fit on holiday
  23. What I eat on holiday, maintaining a healthy diet
  24. What is in my travel bag / suitcase
  25. How to get the best lighting for beach photo's
  26. How to blog while travelling
  27. Photo Diary
  28. Car journey tips
  29. Haul from _____
  30. Best locations to visit in _______

I hope you enjoyed reading this and hopefully you may have got a few ideas for your own blog!
Let me know in the comments below if you have any more travelling post ideas and if you're going to use any from my list above.
Love, Em X


  1. Such a helpful post! I'll defo be stealing some of these ideas thank you for sharing x

  2. Such a helpful post! I'll defo be stealing some of these ideas thank you for sharing x

  3. Love this post Em, I travel a lot and sometimes it's difficult to make it really samey so this is so fab!


  4. Wow, I'm bookmarking this post because I travel a LOT & sometimes I run out of ideas for the type of post I want it to be and this is really helpful to hear all these ideas. I think I can combine a few into one too, thanks for the inspo babe! xx Adaleta Avdic

  5. I really loved reading this post! All these ideas are so amazing, thanks Emily! xx

    1. Thanks for reading, your welcome!!X

  6. Great post for inspiration, I will be going away on holiday and use one of these ideas for a post :)


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