Sunday, 19 June 2016

What's in my gym bag | Collab

Hey everyone! 

So guess what, I'm back with another fitness post. I'm sure that if you regularly read my posts, you know that i'm a total fitness junkie like literally so it's no surprise that i'm back with another fitness post!This post is a collab with my gorgeous friend over at Emily's Thoughts , yes we have the same name! Make sure to check out her post on 'fitness essentials' and i'm sure you'll enjoy it!

So let's get to it! 

Firstly, I want to start of by saying that I only take all of the following items on morning workout days. As i'm still at school, I tend to do my workouts late in the evening, around 7pm, so there's no need to take anything with me as I get home and shower and go straight to bed after but if i'm going out straight after the gym or working out, I will definately take the following! I hope you enjoy this post!

Here is an overall list of what I pack in my gym bag:

My pink nike sports bag.
Michael Kors makeup bag with essentials.
Nike trainers.
Sports Bra.
Iphone and earphones.
Tangle teezer. 
Makeup wipes.
Shower & Face Wash.
Small towel.
Cereal bar.
Carmex lip balm.
Victoria's secret body spray. 
Bottle for water.

It's so important to be able to workout comfortably in order to get a good workout done.I personally find working out in a sports bra 100 times more comfortable than a tank top as it allows me to keep cooler and there's no restriction. A good pair of shoes are also vital as you don't want to be working out in stiff shoes as it can lead to injuries. I'm not too sure if you can still purchase the ones I have as I got them about a year ago from a Nike Retail store and they are honestly so much comfier than all of my other Nike and Adidas shoes. 

Something which is involved in 95% of my workouts is my phone. Honestly, I can barely get through a good cardio sesh without my phone and earphones. When I say that it's an 'essential' I fully mean it and i'm sure you all understand where i'm coming from! If you would be interested in my gym music playlist then leave a comment below and i'd love to do that!

I always make sure that I have a deodorant and body spray as I don't want to feel sweaty and smelly after a workout as we've all been there and it's not good! The Victoria's Secret sprays are so perfect for the gym and definately freshen you up when you don't have time for a shower until you get home or you're like me and hate using public showers unless you have no choice. I also like to smack a little bit of lip balm on after to hydrate my lips!

Ensure you take a spare water bottle incase you need a refill during your sessions and you can just fill it up from the gym water fountains.

As I usually go to the gym after school, my makeup will still be on a little so if I workout with makeup on, even if it's literally a tiny bit, I will take my makeup wipes so that I can remove it after. Also, I like going to the sauna after i've worked out so I will have to take my makeup off and wipes are the quickest way to do so!

Also, a huge shoutout to this body shop face and shower wash as it's two in one and saves a whole lot of room in my bag and less weight! 

So that's all that is in my gym bag! Let me know what's in your gym bag and your fave essentials! 

Make sure to check out Emily's post here and leave a comment over there!

Lots of love,

Emily X 


  1. Was so much fun working together on this! Those workout clothes are to die for! xx

    1. Definately! And yeah they are! Xx

  2. This helps so much as I'm trying to get into working out too

  3. This helps so much as I'm trying to get into working out too

  4. This helps so much as I'm trying to get into working out too


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