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My Travel Bucket List | Holiday Destinations

If you know me, something which I really want to do later on in life is to travel the world. There's something about travelling which really intrigues me and it gives the best opportunities for memories which you will never forget. There's an endless list of locations on my bucket list but i've narrowed this post down to five so that I can write about each place in detail. Also, this post is based on holiday destinations specifically as I also want to write another post on expedition holidays and charity work. 

Santa Monica California 

Santa Monica is located to the westside of Los Angeles. I've looked at so many pictures from here on pinterest which have really made me want to visit this location. The pier looks so entertaining as concerts are held there and there is a range of activities, including an aquarium! This location really draws me in as there's so much to do, I feel like if I went here I wouldn't want to sleep! 

Must Visit: Pacific Park

Bora Bora Islands

This has to be my number 1 holiday destination, alongside the Maldives. As soon as I heard of this destination, I was googling, looking on pinterest, instagramming and everythinging it! Like no word of a lie, this looks like the most relaxing and beautiful location in the whole world. The thought of being able to get out of bed to see the view of the crystal blue sea surrounding you is unreal and I feel as if there wouldn't be a bad thought in my head while visiting here. If your a fan of the relaxing holidays, this ones definately for you, spa's are also located across the island! This is somewhere which I could imagine having my honeymoon for sure. 

Must do: Photography tours, boat tours, snorkeling & scuba diving and jet skiing. 

Santorini, Greece

FINALLY GOING TO SANTORINI!!! Its been on my vision board forever, but only since applying THE SECRET to my life has this manifested!! my friend whos a travel agent found me the best deal on a normally expensive holiday!!!:

There are soooo many reasons why you should add this to your travel bucket list. Greek islands are all gorgeous, I visited Zante last year, as well as my upcoming holiday this year! Santorini is known for the blue roofs that the building have. It's such a unique island and if your obsessed with taking photos, like I am, this would be a pretty cool opportunity to do so! 

If you are interested in going to Greece, please message me on FB Go Travel - Travel Bug or email and I will try and find you the CHEAPEST price out there!:

I'm not entirely sure where this is located, of course in Santorini, but how beautiful! I'd do anything to be there right now it's literally unreal...

Must do: Sunset in Oia, Santo Winery, Santorini Volcano

Toronto, Canada

Toronto / by Kyle Cain:

I'm not gonna lie, I have many reasons for wanting to visit here. Firstly, some of my family live out there so I would love to visit them as well as see the beautiful locations and city! I'm a huge shopaholic and I love wandering around cities and towns so I believe this would be an ideal destination for me. Luckily, I will hopefully be visiting Canada christmas 2017 so I am so excited for that. 

Must do: Ripley's Aquarium, High Park, Toronto Zoo, PHOTOGRAPHY OPPORTUNITIES!

America Road Trip

Well I can't see her can you!!! let me find my binoculars ........:  

This is also extremely high on my overall bucket list (let me know if you'd like a post on my actual bucket list). I know that it isn't really a holiday destination but I had to include it as it is something which i'm desperate to do. Just imagine hiring a campervan, making it look cosy & cute and travelling with a few of your friends, boyfriend/girlfriend or family around America. I can't think of anything better like it's something which I will definately tick off my bucket list when i'm older. If your watch Fun For Louis on Youtube, you may know that he did a roadtrip in a super cool caravan, literally what I want to do. 

These are only a minority of the countries/locations which i'd love to visit in my lifetime and I could ramble on and on all day about different places I want to visit if I had the time to. I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you would like more posts on travel i'd be happy to do so; just leave a comment and i'll take your ideas to mind.

Where would your ideal destination be and why?

Love, Em X 


  1. aww you sound just like me! I've got such major wanderlust and a list of destinations longer than my arm. I've just posted a couple of articles on my last trip to Marrakech. Morocco is such an amazing place!

    Hannah xx
    Raspberry Kitsch | UK Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    1. I'll check your posts out! I want to go everywhere it's unreal! X

      Em X

  2. I recently visited bora bora and it was honestly the best trip of my life!! I would highly recommend going there!! :) xx

    1. I would go tomorrow if i could! Trying to persuade my family to go! X

  3. I loved Santorini and would go back in a heartbeat, that place is just too pretty for it's own good !

    Denton & Lou 

    1. Heard from so many people that it's amazing! Defo will go here in the future! X


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