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My Outdoors Workout Routine | Collab with Coral

Hello! So today it's yet another fitness post as you seemed to enjoy my previous posts based around fitness. Health and fitness is something which I am so passionate about and I like writing about it as it is one of the most important things in my life. I believe that eating healthy is definately as important as working out and that working out is like the cherry on top for a healthy lifestyle, as well as vital for weight loss (if that's what you're aiming towards). My motivation to workout varies from day to day and I have realised that the more I change up my workout routine the more workouts throughout the week I will complete. 

Although I mainly work out in the gym, I do enjoy the occasional outdoors sessions. These are free and don't require a membership so there is no excuse why you can't do this as a workout! The following workout should take you about 40 minutes, including small breaks and can be changed to suit your preferences so lets get to it...

Workout OOTD

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Leggings - Adidas 

This is my best friend, Coral, who also has a blog at This post is a collab with her and she will have her post up shortly so make sure to check her blog out! Working out with a friend is always more enjoyable as you can motivate each other and makes it a lot more fun.

Shoes - Huaraches(Nike)

Warming Up...

Warming up is vital in order to ensure that you don't strain yourself and lowers the chance of pain while working out. Even a light walk of about 10 minutes will help warm you up. Here, myself and Coral had a small walk of 10 minutes to reach this location where we work out!

The Workout:

Leg raises are amazing for beginners as well as the ones who workout often. Simply find yourself a mat and lie flat on the floor with your arms to the side. Ensure that your head and back is flat on the floor and raise your legs without bending your knees. Pause then bring your legs back to the floor. This works your abdominal muscles and hip flexors. Repeat at least 3 sets of 10. 

Planks are amazing as they work nearly every muscle in your body. Start by getting into the above position and hold the position for as long as you can. Repeat 5 times. 

Side twist planks are one which my personal trainer taught me. Basically, you get into the normal plank position but twist your leg and try to touch your knee to your elbow. This works the side of your stomach and is great for when your trying to get the hour glass figure. Repeat sets of 10 about 3 times. This is definately my prefered way to perform the plank.

I'm sure you've all heard of the old crunches! They are simple and effective on working your abs! Do lots of these and you'll definately start to notice your abs showing more. I personally try to do 50 per workout then 50 sit-ups. Sit-ups also clearly work your abs. These two exercises are really basic yet definately worth adding to your workout. 

Squats are definately one to include in your workouts! Who doesn't want a better bum! They work the legs as well. Once familiar with the basic squat, they do get pretty boring so add weights in order to spice up your workout. I try to do 100 using different types of weights at gym but here I only had small weights available as I couldn't carry massive ones from home to this location!

The cool thing about working out in outdoor locations is that you can find things to workout with. For example, this wooden fence I was able to use to do step ups. This is a fun way to incorporate different moves into your workout! 

Don't be scared to do light weights. Many girls avoid the weights but the truth is if you do it in moderation it will help tone you not put on bulk. I love adding weights to as many workout moves as possible to change up my normal workout. 

Hill Climbs: 
Everyone lives near a hill. This is a great alternative to the treadmill as it pushes you more and is a great cardio workout. I try to do 15 minutes then rest then an extra 10 minutes on top of that. This is a good way to burn off those extra calories. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you're interested in my gym workout then please leave a comment and I may write a post on that. 

What's your favourite way to workout?

Love Em X


  1. Love working out outdoors. Feels so much better than at the gym x

  2. I would say my favorite way to work out would be yoga classes or runs with friends:) xx

  3. My favourite way to work out is with my mates to keep me motivated! Xx

  4. Great picks.
    Good vibes, FOX
    check out my latest VLOG and my blog

  5. Those stairs look amazing for a workout, there's a similar one not too far from me. I also love the leg lifts, I always do them as part of my workout.

    1. Yeah, steps are really good for cardio :) X

  6. I wish I could get a routine like that, I should start exercising before it is too late :)

    Ela BellaWorld

    1. Ah! Just find something you enjoy and it's easier :) X


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