Wednesday, 25 May 2016

My One Day Detox

Hello everyone! So today's post is going to be on my one day 'detox'. I wouldn't necessarily call it a proper detox however, this is what works for me when I feel bloated from the previous day. I believe that it is so important to eat a healthy diet as it benefits your overall health in a variety of ways and I can definitely tell the difference, mentally and appearance-wise, after I have lowered my calorie intake just for a day alone. Of course this post will not interest all of you but after a positive response on my healthy stir fry recipe I decided that this may be a post which will help a few of you on your own fitness journey! The following foods are all vegan, however I must add that i'm definitely not vegan...  The following is what works for my body and may not suit everyone so if your interested carry on reading!


I'm pretty sure that you've probably heard this over and over again but breakfast is really one of the most important meals of the day! It provides you with the energy and nutrients you need for the following morning and starts your metabolism. It has also been proven that breakfast is vital for maintaining a healthy body weight.

So ... for breakfast I usually eat a lot more than this but on a 'detox' day I will start my day with a large glass of water, which I do everyday, and a handful of berries among alpro simply plain plant based yoghurt. I love this yoghurt as it is 100% plant based, which suits me as i'm dairy intolerant (comment if you would be interested on a post based on this) and it tastes super creamy and delicious. Compared to normal yoghurt, what I can remember of it that is, this is definately a better alternative and tastes just as good! Adding blueberries to your breakfast is an easy way to add nutrients and vitamins to your diet as well as strawberries and raspberries.

Mid Morning Snack

I believe that snacking is as important as main meals as it keeps your metabolism going and fills you up between meals. A piece of fruit is always super healthy and low calorie for a detox and your skin will thank you for it later!

I think this is probably a weird habit but I much prefer eating a banana in very small slices. I find it much more appealing to look at as well as tasting better! Definitely a weird habit but try it, trust me it's good! 


When i'm detoxing, I definately ensure that I have a carb free lunch as it really helps to keep me unbloated and it makes me feel a lot better in myself. I make sure to add half an avocado at least for healthy fats as I always get hungry so without something filling, I would definately just binge on the carbs after eating a salad but this prevents that urge!


  1. Salad leaves, I use peppery rocket leaves as they give your salad a distinct spicy vibe!
  2. 1/2 a green pepper.
  3. 5 cherry tomatoes.
  4. Chunks of cucumber. 
  5. 1 small avocado, sliced.
  6. Small chunks of carrot.
  7. French dressing to add some flavour.
Afternoon snack

I'm not going to lie, hummus is not the best of things to have while detoxing, however it is full of healthy fats and tastes amazing. It is definately one of my favourite snacks and you can enjoy it in many different ways. I personally love it on celery sticks as it adds texture and is really filling! If you are reading this as inspiration for a detox, I would suggest only having one strip of celery and hummus as detoxing is about cleaning your body of toxins and for this reason, humous is not the greatest food in cleansing as we all know!


Dinner is the time of the day that my body really starts craving carbs. Therefore the above meal is so appropriate for my body, especially on a detox day. My love for sweet potatoes is actually unreal, ever since trying one I have gone off normal potatoes for good! These are also a lot lower in calories for you than the average potatoes and they provide your body with many more essential nutrients; they are amazing for a detox! Mushrooms are my new favourite. I used to squeal at the sight of them as they used to remind me of eating fungi to be honest... But I overcame this as soon as I tried them round my boyfriends house and I definately am a huge fan of them now! I will be uploading a separate post on a larger version of this meal so follow me on bloglovin (linked at the top of my blog) for notifications!


These non dairy smoothie ice lollies have been my addiction ever since I have had to cut out dairy! They are by 'Del Monte' and I purchase them from Tesco's, UK so i'm not sure whether you are able to purchase these in other countries. I would seriously recommend that you try these out as they are like the bestest thing I have ate in a long time and are made with real fruit juices. You can buy these in mango and raspberry flavours, both are incredible.

I hope that this post has inspired some of you to try a short detox, without the need for completely cutting out healthy fats and carbohydrates! I find this way of detoxing much more appropriate as there is no need to starve your body off vital nutrients and it definately does not cause me to have any bloating.

Let me know if you would like to see more fitness posts in the comments and I hope you enjoyed reading!

Much love, Em X 


  1. bloody hell looks good!

  2. Yum all this food looks amazing!

  3. Hi Emily!
    The food looks so healthy and delicious, I'm obsessed with healthy eating as well.
    Love your blog and will be definetly popping in more xxx


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