Tuesday, 4 August 2015


At first glance, this eyeshadow palette reminded me of the Naked 2 pallete however after having it for a while I noticed the differences. This palette was a bargain and I would definitely say that it's easily worth the money. I think that this palette has the perfect shades for the summer months and I would definitely purchase this again when it runs out! 

This palette offers a variety of different eye shadows which are all of a 'natural' shade. I'm a huge fan of brown and beige eyeshadows as I prefer a natural look. I have to admit, I don't really use the darker shades like the dark brown one as I don't think that dark eye makeup compliments me as much as a lighter and more beige one does.

Chocolate: A matt shade, medium brown, I love to use this to blend out harsh lines and I like it as it isn't as strong as the other colours and easily blendable.

Topaz: This shade is really pigmented and you don't need much of it to get the full look. It's a bit chalky so make sure you don't over apply it.

Earth: A shimmery golden eye shadow which I would highly recommend for everyday use. Definately one of my favourites in this palette!

Storm: A greyish colour with a bit of brown.  

Silk: I have never seen a colour the same as this, it's a pink colour with a hint of grey and I think it's great for highlighting and for a pretty summer look on its own.

Wave: This isn't highly pigmented however it's good for blending with other colours.

Thunder: This is a lovely shade for if your going for the smokey eye look as it is quite dark. The colour of it relates to the name as it's a dark brown with shimmery purple undertones.

Onyz: This shade has more of a 'matte' look however I find it to dark for my liking. 

Buff: A yellow and highly pigmented shade which I would recommend for highlighting the brow bone and if your wearing a lot of shimmer on your lid.

Camel: A beautiful shimmery gold which is also one of my favourites from this palette! I love gold eye shadows so much.

Sand: This shade is also highly pigmented and contains small shimmery bits, I love this for highlighting around the brow bone. However, it is really chalky and quite hard to get out of the pan.

Dust: Apart from being really chalky, I love this shade as it compliments my green eyes and makes them look bigger and stand out more.

If your looking for a cheaper version of the Naked Palette, this would definitely be the one for you as it is almost the same and is a bargain for £8. I purchased mine from Tk Maxx and would definitely recommend it to all of my readers!

If you have used this palette, comment your opinions below and if your going to try it out let me know! Also any questions leave below! 

Love, Emily X


  1. Always great to find a good affordable palette! Looks great!


    1. Definately agree! Literally is almost as good as the Naked Palette which is over double the price, recommend it :) x

  2. I have this and I hardly use it haha I like the black shade and the brown shades as well, perfect for a soft smoky eye given they arent so pigmented.

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥


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