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(Quickly before I get into the post, I'm currently on holiday with my family for a week and a half in Zante so I have scheduled all of the upcoming posts to go up while i'm away so you still have regular posts going up. I apologise in advance if I can't get back to your emails, questions and reply to comments as quickly as I usually do, I hope you all have a lovely few weeks and i'll update you all when i'm back from holiday. If you want to keep in touch while i'm away then message me on twitter @emilycarterxoxo or instagram @emilycarte.r and I will be updating my social media's regularly! Love you all <3)


I know I need a new dressing table so badly however I have to make do with this for a couple more months. So to spice it up, I went through old pictures and chose my favourites to stick up randomly around my mirror. You could use new photos however I like having ones from around a year back so that you can look back at memories and remember things from a long time ago. (If that made any sense! I'm sorry if it didn't ah!) 

This is really fast, easy and cheap to make so why not go down to your local supermarket or shop and print of old pictures and stick them up around your dressing table or even just a mirror. 

I like this because while i'm doing my makeup and hair I have something to look at and it reminds me of good times ages ago.


I know that this isn't really a 'DIY' however I had to include this in this post because of how cute it is. As soon as I saw this I immediately thought of summer and i'm a huge lover of abstract pictures. I don't think i've mentioned this before on my blog but i'm a huge sucker for quotes so this canvas was a must have for me.

I purchased this from TK MAXX for around eight pounds. I personally find a room without any pictures really plain and boring (don't judge!) so adding inspirational quotes and pictures around your house can really liven up your house!


I keep this on my wall by my bedroom door so that whenever I go out of my room or come in it's the first thing I see. All of my reminders and important notes are stuck onto here and also when it isn't so crowded it's a white board behind so you can write up your important dates and notes.

Simply purchase a cheap white board from your local DIY shop, I would recommend hobby craft or the works for people in the UK. I got this at my local supermarket. All you have to do is blu tac all of your reminders, shopping lists and anything else of importance up and there you have it, your own notice board!


To create this, purchase a long vintage looking tray, mine has a mirror fitted in as a base which I found gave it a sophisticated look, and empty all of your favourite jewelry pieces into it. 

I keep this on the side of my dressing table and I keep all my go to jewelry in it. You'll never lose your jewelry anymore as you have somewhere specific to store it all.

Candle Holder

Find a plain jar or one with a quote already printed onto it. Secondly, if your jars plain then get a cute and inspirational quote printed onto it (if you're not a quote lover, you could always get a picture printed on) this will give the jar a 'tumblr' look and will look a lot more attractive than just a plain boring jar. Purchase a ribbon and tie it around the top of the jar. Finally buy a few small candles and put them into the jar.

This makes a really cute homemade candle jar, perfect for a window sill or a bedside table on a late summers night in.


I find the regular shelf really boring and too original so when I came across these I knew that they were going straight up onto my wall! My dad helped fit these to my wall and secure them properly so that they wouldn't tip or go wonky.

In the first box which is the largest one I put my four favourite books in which are currently 'Girl Online by Zoe Sugg' 'The Pointless Book by Alfie Deyes' 'The Fault in Our Stars by John Green' and 'Looking for Alaska by John Green'. In the right hand corner I put a small teddy which my dad got me when I was young from his holiday in France which I found adorable. 

In the second box I didn't have a creative idea so I kept it simple and put my digital cube clock in one corner and in the other a box of 'Little Hotties' candle wax shapes for my special candle. 

In the last box I put my polaroid camera with my favourite pictures next to it which I took on it. I also put two heart stones which I purchased from different shops across the UK (can't remember where I got these one was from Clintons and the other I got on holiday in the UK). 

I hope you enjoyed this post, leave your favourite summer DIY in the comments below and have a lovely day <3

Love What You Do 


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