Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Sunglasses Review | Glasses Shop Collab


So today, i'm collabing with an awesome online shop, The Glasses Shop. They supply glasses frames, glasses, prescription sunglasses and sunglasses. Catherine from the glasses shop, kindly offered to send me a *pair of my choice* to review on here and I opted for a pair of sunglasses as I was in need of a new pair. The following review is 100% honest and of my true opinion.

So, these are the sunglasses which I choose and they are absolutely gorgeous! I'm a huge lover of the larger framed sunglasses with a thicker black frame so these were definately eye catching for me. They came in a plastic case with a glasses cloth which is a bonus considering when you buy glasses from in-store you often have to purchase these accessories separately. 

I am also obsessed with the gold part in the middle as it really adds structure to them and makes them even more appealing. I'm clearly in love with the look of these, you can most likely tell!

My first impression when I tried these on were that they looked amazing but I was not sure if they were very strong. Don't get me wrong, they were not falling apart in my hands but they were not the sturdiest sunglasses i've held in my life so if your looking for a stronger pair it may be worth investing in a different style. However, I usually experience this problem as I opt for this style.

I think these look perfect from all angles, the colours and the style together make them look so gorgeous and they would definately catch my eye if I came across them while shopping in store.

If you're looking for a pair of fashionable sunglasses, I would totally recommend these as they look so good with a casual or sophisticated outfit. Yes, i',m not just saying it, I have worn them A LOT considering that i've only had them for about a week.

Despite my initial opinion of them being a little flimsy, I wore them to London last Saturday and they haven't shown any signs of weakness so i'm pretty sure it's just the style. 

I could only get mirror shots as I haven't had anyone available to take my shots for this post but you can see that they look so beaut when on as well as off so it proves that they are definately worth a purchase!

Lastly, to make matters even better, I have a discount code for y'all. You can get 50% off by using the code: GSHOT50 at the checkout so if you're looking for a pair of glasses or sunglasses make sure to have a look as you can purchase them pretty cheap with this code! 

Make sure to check out their website at http://www.glassesshop.com. 

I hope you enjoyed this post as I haven't really done any product reviews before so hopefully this made a good change!

Lots of Love,

Emily X

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Skincare Routine

Hey everyone! 

So i'm back with a skin care routine, something which i've been wanting to do for a while but haven't got round to it. Yesterday, I tweeted whether you guys would like to see a 'makeup look' or 'skincare routine' and the results were 60% skincare routine so that's why I am posting this for today's post! 

Skincare is something which I feel very strongly about especially since my skin is more on the bad than the good side. I haven't actually ever had my skin professionally looked at to see what skin type I have but I am pretty sure that I know so i'm happy with this skincare routine for now. Everyone loves having the clearest skin that you can and by following a similar routine to this, it may just help a little or a lot!

If you're going to have a specific skincare routine, it is so important that you stick to it for a month or two to check that it is right for your skin. If you are not seeing improvements it may be worth changing a few products or adding in a few. I'm not going to pretend that these products work wonders for my skin as i'm still looking for something that will work wonders as I do have problem skin!

My skin type is oily and I have the most spots on my cheeks and chin and some on my forehead. I find that the week leading up to my period and the week i'm on are a lot worse and my skin recovers in the other two weeks so half the time it's alright and half it's awful! Most of my spots are actually under the skin and kind of scars yet a few are white headed ones. I'm probably making it sound a little over the top but I find that it's better to write exactly how it is than saying I have perfect skin, which I obvs don't!

So, enough rambling... Lets get to it.

I've honestly been using this for over a year now! I used to chop and change my face wash all the time but this one is definately one i'm in love with at the moment. I've noticed that when I massage it in for about two minutes I get much better results than just slapping it on and rinsing it. I would definately reccomend this for all skin types and sensitive skin.

Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser

I purchased this in a pack of tea tree products a year ago so I wasn't actually able to find it online but you probably still can purchase this in shop. I apply this every night before my moisturizer and I find that it helps my oily skin and dryes it a little.

Only a few months back have I started using a toner, and I definately love how this makes my skin feel. Toners are great for tightening your pores and I use this every morning before applying my moisturizer and makeup.

I don't often use this as it is quite harsh on the skin but if you are in need of a good exfoliator this is the only one that will work for my skin at the moment, just be sure to be gentle with it.

This facemask has to be one of my favourites at the moment. I usually use the packet masks and this one I much prefer as you can get so many uses out of it and it makes my skin even smoother. The only thing is that I find it takes a tiny bit longer to dry but it's totally worth it!

Honestly, when you have oily skin you do kind of think to stay away from moisturisers but this one is specifically oil free which makes it suitable for oily skin. It's so important to moisturize whatever skin type you have as it rehydrates the skin.

Derma Facial Wipes

I'm definitely not a huge fan of makeup wipes, in fact I pretty much hate them. Sometimes when I have to take off my makeup I look for a quick option which is always the makeup wipes. I've been looking everywhere for some that are gentler on the skin and these are as far as i've got so far as well as the simple ones. 

This is actually the bestest thing to remove your makeup with in the world! I've never turned to makeup wipes unless I haven't got any of this on me since discovering this. I've been using this for about half a year now and it's the best choice i've made skin care wise. It removes makeup so well and simply is the easiest and most effective way to remove it.

In the Winter months especially, I have a few days when my skin completely drys up like completely! I'm left with dry flaky skin which I don't even know why when I actually usually have really oily skin but yeah! This is the perfect remedy for dry skin and fixes it in the most 3 days. I would recommend this soo much if you suffer from dry skin as well as other problems like stretch marks.

I just want to add this to this post as the benefits do help your skin maintain its healthy glow. Foundations never great for your skin so I find that on normal days BB cream is much more effective as it gives a bit of coverage yet is great for your skin. The only problem is that you need a decent amount of concealer on top in order to cover troublesome skin.

So this is my day to day skin care routine. It may not be perfect for your skin but it's definately the outline of what you need and you can alter it to how your skin reacts.

If you enjoyed please comment and share and i'll make sure to get back to you!

Q. What's your most effective skin care product?

Much Love,


Thursday, 23 June 2016

Calvin Klein Lookbook | With Coral

Today's post is an outfit post. If you have read my previous post, London Zoo, you will know that I went shopping on Saturday in London. One of my most wanted pieces of clothing this year has been the Calvin Klein sports bra's but i've always got distracted and picked up something else before managing to find one while out!So know that I finally purchased one, I decided to do a shoot, basically for the fun of it and for instagram photos, with my bestfriend, Coral from coralsxblog.blogspot.co.uk. Also, I did this shoot at 12:00 am and did my makeup that morning at 8:00am so my makeup is far from perfect!

Instagram @emilyelizacarter

Calvin Klein Top - Topshop £30.00

Shorts - Hollister (approx £30)

Jeans - Topshop (approx £30.00)

Coral from coralsxblog.blogspot.co.uk

My Snapchat @emilycarter121

I'm so in love with this top and it can easily be styled with different types of outfits as you can see. I personally love it with a small pair of ripped shorts as I think it gives a summery vibe whereas with Jeans it looks a bit different. The fabric is literally so soft it's unreal and i'm so happy I purchased it. However, I literally want them in all the styles and colours now so let the addiction begin!!

Let me know in the comments if you have anything from Calvin Klein or if you have anything on your wish list!

(Some photo's were taken on my Canon 750D but some where IPhone so that's why they look different!)

Lots of love,


Tuesday, 21 June 2016

London Zoo | Picture Diary


So last Saturday I spent the day up London with my mum, dad and brothers. We got the train & tube up from home and then visited London Zoo for the majority of the day. In the evening, we went shopping and watched entertainment (there was a man and lady beatboxing who were my favourite of the night) , in my fave topshop.

This post is just going to be photo's as I prefer picture posts for a quick read sometimes so if you would like more like this leave a comment at the end! 

London Eye

Tube Selfie


Yo Sushi - Lunch

Regents Park

Regents Park Fountains

Another one!

London Zoo 

Bro's ft me falling!


One of my fave pics from this weekend

Butterfly Garden

OOTD post & makeup soon...

Me & Mum

These were actually my favourites so cute! If you have me on Snapchat (Emilycarter121) you would have seen they nearly went on me ...

There's an okapi in the background btw!


Bus on the way to Oxford Street

Shopping! FOR HOURS


He was so cool...

Remember to leave a comment if you would like to see more of these posts... I could do one this weekend as i'm going London again for the day on Saturday!

Lots of love,

Emily X
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