Sunday, 24 July 2016

Andrew Barton | Hair Care

If you read my Hair Care | Growth Tips last month, you will know that i'm trying to grow out my dyed hair, and i'm very close to having it all natural, give it another 4 months. Thanks to those products and vitamins, my hair has become a lot more healthy so make sure to check that post out if you haven't seen it. 

I like mixing up my hair care routine as it enables me to find new products to add into it and to get rid of ones which are not as effective so when I came across these in my box of hair care I was very happy.

I received these as a present from my friend a LONG time ago and I tried them out the other day and I have many pro's and a few con's about them so I thought I might as well review these on here. 

So this set consists of a shampoo, conditioner and a hair spray which all specialise in volumizing. Which i'm not gonna lie, I really don't need as my hair is thick but I thought that they would be worth a try. 

Big body building shampoo

This is probably my least favourite product in this range as I didn't see a difference while using it to a normal shampoo. However, the smell is really refreshing. This is a lightweight shampoo and I believe that it didn't add any volume on my hair as I already have super thick hair. If you have thin hair, this is most likely to work wonders. 

Big body building conditioner

Conditioning and hair masks are my favourite part of washing my hair as they really make my hair revitalized. So coming across this gorgeous scented conditioner, really hyped me. I can't say that it's so much better than an argan oil conditioner but if you're looking to build volume as well as conditioning, which is something hard to do sometimes, this one is worth a try. 

Despite having thick hair, I realised that this is different to a normal conditioner and it still managed to add a little volume to my hair and once dry, my hair did feel a lot bouncier. 

Lifting Spray

This product is by far my favourite in this range. It's also what inspired me to write this blog post as I love it so much. I find that a lot of hair sprays are so sticky and make your hair look either too shiny or greasy so this one really gave me the results I look for in a spray. 

As well as lifting those bits of hair which don't want to volumize, it really does help strengthen your hair. I definately recommend this to you, once again, especially if you have thin hair.

Make sure to check these products out if you're in need of some volume, as I said before, my hair isn't really in need of any volume so these may not be best suited to my hair type but I do love the hair spray so i'm going to continue to use this until I find something else,

What are your opinions, are you going to try this out?

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Life Update July

Hey everyone!

So the thing is, I haven't actually ever sat down and wrote a post purely on my life and what is going on at the moment. I have seen a reasonable amount of bloggers do this and I really enjoy reading them as you get to know the blogger more and feel like you have a connection with them instead of just being 'the audience'. 

As I have a lot of exciting things coming up this summer, I just thought i'd do a very quick post on my life right now. One of the main reasons for this is because i'm actually so busy tonight and tomorrow getting ready to go away so I don't have spare hours to sit down and right an amazing post so sorry about that! 

Don't worry either, I am going to try my hardest to make this a non-rambly post which is straight to the point as I know how it feels trying to read someone's post about something and having to click off because it gets too detailed and a little boring sometimes so i'm not gonna be that person today anyway!

Here is what has been going on in my life recently and in the upcoming week or so...

End of School!

One of the most amazing feelings in the world, for me, is breaking up for the summer holidays. I am so excited that I can focus more on doing stuff that i'm actually interested in (BLOGGING DUH!) and spend lots of time with family, friends and my boyfriend. Even though i'm meant to be finishing school Friday, i'm actually finishing on Thursday(TOMORROW WOO)just because I am on holiday Friday. We'll get onto that in a min. After 3 weeks of holidays, I will be making sure to post more than ever and hopefully have a week or two where I post every day! I'm so excited for that.


If you haven't yet heard me rambling on and on about going on holiday with my boyfriend on Friday, I have no idea how you've escaped that. Ask anyone from my school and they will know exactly when, where and who with i'm going. But onto the point, I am so excited for Cornwall. This will be my first ever holiday with my boyfriend and we will be staying in a caravan. I always used to go Cornwall up until last year when I went Zante instead (Going back this year for two weeks buzzing!). So it's kind of like my second home, and i'm so excited to go back especially with Harry. 

Orange is the new black

Right, I have always been a sucker for tv shows. Especially Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries. As i'm up to date on these I decided that finding a new one would be a great idea when it probably isn't in a lot of ways. One, I get addicted to easily and will spend all my time watching it - aka no social life for me. Secondly, I will binge watch them one after another without realising the time flying by. Overall, I will just be totally obsessed. But, I have to admit, how AMAZING is this show. Why I haven't started watching it before now I don't know but i'm already 8 episodes in after about 5 days of watching it...

The HOT HOT weather in the UK

Who'd have thought that it could have reached over 32 degrees in the UK this summer. Not me. Unfortunately i've had school all of this week so i've been stuck working in the sweaty classrooms but at breaks and lunch myself and my friends have been enjoying sunbathing on the grass every lunch. A nice day and all the English are out trying to change that pale white skin for a nice tanned glow. 

Scheduling Blog Posts

Because i'm away on holiday from Friday 22nd to Friday 29th of July then again from August 3rd to 17th, I will be scheduling posts a lot of the time. Make sure to follow my twitter @emilycarterxoxo for updates as they may be unevenly spaced but i'm trying my hardest to provide good quality content for the next 3 weeks. 

These are just a few things which are going on right now and if you enjoy reading this kind of post make sure to comment below as I wouldn't mind writing a few more!

Where are you going on holiday this year or where would you love to be going?

Love, Em X

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Fashion Photo Tips

Hey everyone!

So today's post is a little different as it's kind of similiar to an OOTD post yet it's also on how to take photo's for a fashion post whilst having fun. 

Whether you're trying to get that perfect shot for Instagram or your Blog, these are some of the tips which I find helpful when shooting. Incase you're wondering, all of the following photo's have been taken on my Canon 750D 18-55mm Lens

Tip 1: Use a timer.

There are many advantages to using a timer. Firstly, you won't have the struggle of having to hold the camera just to get face shots when no-one is around to take your photos for you. You will be able to set a timer, I usually go for about 10 seconds, and get into position for your shot without the kerfuffle. Secondly, you won't have the awkwardness of posing while someone takes pictures for you instead you can let loose and take whatever you feel like, yourself. Finally, you can get all the photo's you want before your done without feeling bad that the photographer's photo's aren't coming out as you wished, basically you only have yourself to blame...

Tip 2: Have music on a speaker while taking your photo's.

This way you will be able to let loose and enjoy yourself more. I'm sure we've all been there when you're taking photo's with a friend or just any person and you feel a little camera shy. This is where tip 1 comes in handy. Make sure to choose a playlist which puts you in a good mood and literally just dance! This way you will look so much happier in your photo's and sometimes photo's which aren't set up look so much better.

Tip 3: Find somewhere where the background doesn't take attention away from you or the person in it.

Sometimes indoor plain backgrounds look a lot better than backgrounds with so much detail as people will lose focus on what you're actually trying to portray. Don't get me wrong, the outside, flowery, beachy photo backgrounds look beautiful to look at but over crowded backgrounds don't work sometimes.

Tip 4: Use lighting to your advantage.

There are many ways that you can get natural lighting. For example, open the curtains and blinds and use a pale background to get the best lighting. Another option, which is my way of working round the lighting problem, is to shut the curtains then turn on a bright lamp I have which you can direct and move to position where you want. I put it just behind the tripod and shoot my photos as I usually would but the lighting comes out so much better. I also love the shadow effect you get by doing this.

Tip 5: Get photo's in different contrasts.

Some of you may not like the way the above photo is but I love having a few styled like this. I don't know if you'll agree but I think it really gives the photo a kind of vintage look which I adore in photos. To display some change on your fashion posts, be sure to shoot in different contrasts and light to vary your photo style if that's what you're aiming for.

Pink Bardot Dress - ON SALE NOW! WAS £25.00 

So these are my top 5 fashion blogging tips for taking photos. I know i'm far from perfect at this as i've only had my camera just over a month but these are the tips which I use at the moment. 

Let me know in the comments if you have any tips and i'll make sure to reply asap.

Thanks for reading, 

Love Em x

Thursday, 14 July 2016

30 Travel Blog Post Ideas

Everyone could do with a little inspiration sometimes, I know that I definitely do, now and then. As it is summer and I am obsessed with travelling, I decided that I would write a list of 30 travel blog ideas to hopefully inspire you and myself!

July and August are the two months which I will most likely write a few ton of posts related to travel, especially as my two holidays are quickly approaching. I'm not too sure if I am going to write much on Cornwall as I am staying in a caravan with my boyfriend and his family so I won't have much time to blog as I want to spend time with them instead of sitting on a laptop/phone. But don't worry, I'm away for 2 weeks in Zante, I will have cover posts going up frequently, and when I get home you will possibly even have daily posts on Zante for the consecutive two weeks after I return home, so the pictures are about to get beaut!!

I personally find travel post's one of the most entertaining to read, especially since traveling the world is one of my main goals for the future. I also love seeing beautiful photo's of bloggers on holiday as well as travelling tip posts so I've come up with the following list to hopefully inspire a few of you into using a couple ideas from here on your own blog, as well as giving myself a little BIG list of ideas for the upcoming months.
  1. Top tips for packing a carry on bag
  2. Top tips for packing your suitcase
  3. Essentials for a long haul flight
  4. Essentials for a short haul flight
  5. A day in my life in ________
  6. How to get over your fear of flying
  7. My ideal holiday destinations
  8. My travelling bucket list
  9. Top beaches in ______
  10. Hotel Reviews
  11. Restaurant Reviews
  12. A day in my life
  13. 5 things you must do while visiting ______
  14. Best locations for Instagram photos in _______
  15. Useful travel apps
  16. Best free things to do while in a hot country
  17. Video diary linked to your blog on YouTube
  18. Beauty essentials while travelling
  19. Travelling solo
  20. Travelling tips
  21. 10 must do's while in a foreign country
  22. How to stay fit on holiday
  23. What I eat on holiday, maintaining a healthy diet
  24. What is in my travel bag / suitcase
  25. How to get the best lighting for beach photo's
  26. How to blog while travelling
  27. Photo Diary
  28. Car journey tips
  29. Haul from _____
  30. Best locations to visit in _______

I hope you enjoyed reading this and hopefully you may have got a few ideas for your own blog!
Let me know in the comments below if you have any more travelling post ideas and if you're going to use any from my list above.
Love, Em X
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