Sunday, 24 September 2017

Koh Samui | Combo Resort

As some of you may know, last month I visited Thailand with my family for a few weeks. It was honestly such an amazing experience and as we were on the same island for such a long time, we of course discovered places which we fell in love with; meaning we visited way more than once! If you have me on snapchat (emilycarter121 if you don't already) you may remember how much time I spent at Combo Beach Hotel. 

We came across this hotel as we were wondering along the main beach of Koh Samui, Chaweng. Online we had read many reviews of how overcrowded this strip of beach is but honestly there were barely any people. I expect this is due to the time we visited, Thailand is most popular in the easter holidays, however the weather was beautiful so it was a win-win. If you ever happen to be travelling to Thailand / Koh Samui, I would 100% recommend this resort. Disclaimer: we did not actually stay in the hotel we used the resort and the restaurant on multiple occasions. 

The staff were amazing and so welcoming. The manager was so friendly and allowed us to use the pool without any costs. Of course we had to have a few cocktails, even at 11am in the morning, yes, they were that good! If you have never had a strawberry daiquiri or banana colada you are seriously missing out! 

However, the best thing was the food, honestly you name it, they had it. My family were quite reluctant to try Thai food, however, me being a huge foodie had to taste everything! I'm not going to lie, I had the same lunch for about 80% of our holiday - chicken cashew stir-fry - it makes me hungry thinking about it now...

This was definitely the best place on the island for food and it was placed right on the beach which made it perfect. 

Em x

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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Ko Samui, Thailand, Go Pro Footage


Hi, it has been a while since I last posted but I'm back with a video from my latest holiday in Thailand. If you have followed my Instagram you would have seen my many holiday photos and if you haven't make sure to check them out on emilyelizacarter. Thailand was amazing and this lil video only sums up the underwater part of the holiday but I will make sure to do a few more posts once my jet lag has worn off!

I have tonnes of photos from this holiday but I thought my first post should just be the footage from my Go Pro as it really sums up how beautiful Thailand was. 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Love, Em x

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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Formal OOTD


I'm back with an outfit of the day which I actually wore about a month ago but I have been super busy so I have not been able to upload any posts. I wore this to my school leavers assembly and it is more of a formal outfit that you would wear to a meeting or an interview. 

I always love a simple white and black outfit as it just makes you look colour coordinated and you never have to worry about if your outfit matches, etc. I decided to go for something that would show of curves as well as looking sophisticated; a tight leather skirt and white blouse, with black ankle boots, seemed appropriate. 

So here is a little lookbook of this outfit:

Black Leather Skirt - ASOS
Shirt - ASOS
Boots - New Look

I loved the style of this blouse, an open frilly back gave the outfit a little edge and made it a little more of a fashion statement.

Love, Em x

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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

I am BACK!

Hello, I am back! 

I had an extremely long month of exams, exams and more exams but the time actually flew by (don't ask me how)! Overall I completed approximately 20 exams and I could not be happier for the ten weeks that I have off before I return to sixth form, hopefully. The last month has been full of revision, a few nights off and thats about it. My last exam was today and it feels like such a relief to finally be back to normal and even better, to have no school! You may be wondering why I am sat writing a blog post on the day I finished however I have actually really missed writing these so why not get back to it :) So much has happened so I thought that I'd update you on my life before I get back into the normal blog posts. This may be a bit of a random post with lots of little bits of information so I might as well get started here.

What am I planning to do in September? 

I decided to start with something which has obviously been on my mind for the past few months. Honestly, I am such an indecisive person and I am constantly changing my mind on important decisions. If you don't believe me then here it is: For about half a year I had my mind set on going to a beauty college in London. I applied, did the tests, had my interview and got in; actually I got a definite place no matter what I get on results day, however a month later I decided to change my mind, lol. (I also applied to another makeup college nearer my hometown and I got in but it didn't seem very appealing). I then decided that travel and tourism would be a fun subject to study, at college, in my own town or London. So, of course, I applied and went to an interview in London. Well, lets just say this went awful. I got there and it was surrounded with people doing drugs and it stunk, I was not going in and literally cried from stress. NOT fun. The other college offered me an interview but due to exams I couldn't attend so that was off the list. Well now, I have just received a confirmation letter of my place at 6th form so I decided that I would try my best to get the higher grades to study A levels. I have been happy with this choice for the past month so I guess that is what I have decided upon (lets hope I don't change my mind again...) The subjects I have decided to study are Geography, English Literature and Criminology. If anyone reading has took their A levels please let me know if you studied these. 

Love Island, it has to be mentioned!

This one I could ramble on about for days but I promise to keep it short and sweet. Well, my favourite couples are Gabs and Marcel and Montana and Sam. To be fair I have loved Montana from day one so thats most likely why I like her with Sam, plus he seems to be a genuine guy. Marcel and Gabby are too cute, they both seem really into each other and I genuinely think they may go the long haul. I think Dom is the hottest guy in the villa but Jess seems to be playing a game, possibly Dom too. Amber and Kem are cute but they both argue far too much over the stupidest of things, remember when he threw a pillow at her lol. Camilla is lovely and I have so much respect for her however, I really don't think Johnny did anything wrong so I think they should kiss and get back together. Olivia is the worst in there, literally horrible. The others are just there for the drama. #muggymike #idontcarechris 

Holiday is approaching!

Well this is most definitely one of the most exciting things. I am going to Koh Samui, Thailand at the end of July and I could not be more excited! We are going for just under 3 weeks and staying in a private villa. I will most definitely be posting many posts on this. 

My new camera. 

The canon g7x mark 11 is something which I have had my eye on for a good few years. I actually got one the other day and I adore it. However, if you are familiar with this camera please can you email me at: as it is really unclear how to connect the photos straight to my MacBook without airdropping them from my iPhone app. Anyway, lets add some colour to this post with some summery photo vibes, all took on the canon g7x. 


The weather ☀️ 

How amazing has the UK weather been recently, fingers cross it stays. I am so so so addicted to the sun and I have actually managed to get the slightest tan lines over my pale skin. Rare for England. I have spent my afternoons off lazing around in the back garden with a towel, drink and magazine or revision notes, it has been great. I just want to spend each day lazing in the sun, so gorgeous it has actually reached over 30 degrees this week!

New reads 

My mum recently purchased the National Geographic magazine which is such a good read. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a good broad read, I'm not a huge book kinda girl but this is so interesting and just picking it up to read a few pages at a time is lovely. 

The real natural look

I never never never would use to leave the house without a fair amount of makeup but I have finally found the confidence to go out without a single bit of makeup. This has took so much because I have such bad skin and I have been taking medication for the last half year so I can finally see a difference. This picture is ME, no makeup, messy sweaty hair no heat, no filter. If you hate going out without makeup, do it once, do it again it will get easier and you will feel so much better and more confident about it. 

On that note, I am going to leave it here because I feel like thats an appropriate ending and I don't want this to turn into a long windy post, although I'm sure it already has. I have so many interesting posts planned including many hauls and OOTD'S. I have been doing a tonne of online shopping! I will also have many travel posts soon and a festival look for wireless. The rest you will have to wait and see! Please follow me on Bloglovin' by clicking right here!

Thanks for reading and please leave any posts you would like to see this summer below and I will most likely put them up! 

Lots of love,

Emily xox

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