Sunday, 9 October 2016

Autumn Style | Lookbook


So earlier this week I posted a haul featuring the following pieces so if you would like to know where I purchased them visit my previous post here

I haven't done a lookbook in such a long time and considering I am obsessed with fashion it's surprising. Mainly because I had to find someone to take my photo's for me so i'm excited to share this new autumn lookbook as i'm currently over obsessed with the pieces featured.

Let me know your thoughts on this outfit lookbook!

Love Em x

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Monday, 3 October 2016

Chic Style Outfit Haul

I honestly don't stick to one style of fashion. I love a good street styled outfit, a sophisticated outfit and also a chic outfit!So for today's post I thought that i'd show you my recent purchases from Miss Selfridge and Calvin Klein (Topshop). I felt as if some of my autumn clothes I have either over worn last year or that they have completely gone out of fashion so I decided to go shopping over the weekend and purchase a whole new outfit.

I'm a complete shopaholic as you probably have figured from my blog but I do struggle finding a perfect outfit which goes so well together. Believe it or not I actually went back to the same Topshop store in Bromley last Saturday and Sunday in order to find this outfit. I am so glad that I returned though because I have brought the most beautiful little chic inspired outfit which I am so excited to wear.

So let's get into it:

STEFFI White Super High Waisted Jeans - £34.00 Reduced to £12.00 Get at them now girls!!!

I've only ever owned one pair of white jeans which are now way too small and ever since discovering the Topshop joni jeans, I would never really purchase any other jeans willingly. So while I was on the hunt for a pair of perfect sized joni jeans which are white, I headed straight for Topshop/Miss Selfridge. Unfortunately Topshop didn't actually have any white jeans in stock but Miss Selfridge did and their jeans are just as comfy as Topshop's, to be honest they're basically the exact same so... I can't wait to wear these as I just know they will be the comfiest and I am so excited to get back into wearing different coloured jeans rather than the normal denim colour.

The quality is unreal, I am addicted to how stretchy they are and I love the high waisted look, I just think they suit me so much more and I feel so much better in a pair of high waisted jeans rather than the normal cut.

Blush Bomber Jacket - £39.00 Reduced to £20.00 Right now! Take note girls...

Another gorgeous piece which goes perfectly with white jeans. I believe this is what makes this look so chic and I am also a huge lover of bomber jackets so this was a must have for me. It's a slim fit which makes it even more fashionable and for £20.00 it is just a bargain! These sales make me so happy :) 

The back of this jacket has a crease in which makes it even more fitted to your shape. I find fitted clothes so attractive and it's the main thing I look for when buying new clothes. The baby pink/nude colour is so cute and right up my street, maybe I own too much in this colour but a girls wardrobe can never too big right?

White Patch Pocket Denim Skirt - Was £28.00 Now £15.00 - Don't miss out!

I've been looking for a skirt this style for ages but I have never actually liked the black/denim versions so when I came across the white one I was sooo in love with it. I think this is so perfect for this outfit (obviously you would either go for the white skirt/jeans depending on the weather and occasion). It is also quite fitted so it's not going to be all baggy which was a bonus.

Isn't the button up design so unique. Whoever made these skirts I loveeeeeeeeee. Overall, the style of this is just perfect and chic. Another purchase in the sales ahhh! If only sales were in every shop I would be well away!

I personally think Calvin Klein bralettes are the comfiest and most stylish bralettes that are on the market right now. They are ever so simple but I would happily buy them in every colour available. So far I only have it in grey and white but I am already planning on buying the metallic one! The grey really suited this outfit and gave it a bigger variety of colour. I would happily wear this all day and all night!

If you don't own one of these yet I really recommend them. If you're not comfortable wearing one of these out in public, they are also great for bed and as a sports bra. In my eyes, a must have.

So that is everything, here is the overall looks achievable with these clothing pieces:

Outfit 1

Outfit 2

So that is my little bit of shopping done for this week!! I hope you enjoyed reading and let me know your thoughts on this chic inspired outfit, what's your favourite piece from this outfit?


Lots of Love,

Emily Xxx


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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Vaseline's new Limited Edition Therapy Tin, by Lulu Guiness


I'm sorry that I haven't been posting as frequently purely because I have been so busy at school and I have had so much extra work and revision to do because I am finally in my final year of school... I am going to try my hardest to upload regularly but if my posts seem shorter or i'm not uploading as frequently then bare with me because I have been really stressed out recently. 

Anyway, today i'm back with another beauty post and i'm so excited to share this with you. I should start by saying that this was kindly sent to me by Vaseline themselves who direct messaged me on Twitter asking if I would like to receive their new limited edition Vaseline pot which of course I said yes to! So this is by no means a sponsored post, it was a gift which I would like to share with you as I love it and find it super handy for the colder months!

So starting with a little bit of background info, this vaseline tin is limited edition, like everyone loves a limited edition product don't they, and it is designed by the one and only British designer Lulu Guinness. She has designed a gorgeous little tin with a charismatic and cheeky doll face which is winking on the front. This is obvious reflecting on her own style. This is the first item to feature the Lulu Doll Face, and there will be more to come in the brand's exclusive pre-spring collection.

Excitingly, this product will be coming to your shelves this 1st of October at Boots, Superdrug and Tesco, nationwide. Who's excited?!

Personally, I am so in love with this cute little tin and I can sure as hell tell you that it will be coming EVERYWHERE with me! I do love a cute and classy packaged product which I can take in my handbag. Basically a handbag essential girls...

If you have read my favourite lip balm collection post, you will know my love for Vaseline. I find that they are by far the most reliable lip balm going and being 100% made with pure Vaseline jelly, the Lulu Doll Face Tin helps to heal your dry and cracked lips which we all get sometime during the colder months, me especially. If you live in the UK, you would have noticed that it is getting much colder already and i'm definately starting to reach for a good lip balm much more frequently. 

As every other vaseline product, it works to moisturize deeply as well as repairing. It has been made to prevent moisture escaping from the lips. It is also appropriate for dry skin on the body/face which gives in multiple purposes.

Keep your eye's peeled at your local Boots, Tesco or Superdrug for this gorgeous little lip balm which is great for school, college, uni, work or everyday use in general! Let me know if your a huge fan of Vaseline like me.

Thanks for reading

#luluXvaseline #HandbagBFF

A big thanks to for sending me your new product.

Emily Xx


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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Makeup Revolution London Salvation Palette

Hello everyone!

So today's post is on ANOTHER eyeshadow palette which i'm loving this season. I have actually had my hands on this for a few months but I think that now is the best time to share it with you guys because of Autumn. The shades are so beautiful for this time of the year and to be honest this palette contains neutral shades with the odd sparkly pink ones which is a bonus for myself!

So this is the Salvation Palette, also known as "What you waiting for", like literally, what are you waiting for, GO BUY THIS EYESHADOW PALETTE! I promise, no promo. 

You can purchase this palette for £7.99 here: click here.

In some stores such as Superdrug, i'm sure that you can purchase this for max £5.00, so before ordering on Ebay make sure to check your local store as that is where I purchased mine!

There are 18 shades included, which is so surprising for a palette of this size and the eyeshadows are of decent size and will last you long enough, i'm sure. The shades at the top of the palette (rows 1 and 2) are sparkly shades, the circular 3rd row are all plain colours, ideal for bases.

So this is the range of shades included in this flawless palette. Honestly, i'm so in love with the brown and beige shades within this palette; so perfect for this season don't you agree! The darker shades are also beautiful, the middle right is a dark green shade with glitter which is amazing for the crease, i'm so in loveee.

Top row: We Love You, Tick Tock, Can't Find The Brake
Second row: Now it's only me, Scary Conversation, Take A Chance
Bottom row: Your capable, Super Hot Female, Million Dollar Contract

Top row: Moving Car, Do It Alone, Sex Chromosome
Second row: Shut my eyes, Stupid H..., Life Is Short
Bottom row: Hot Track, Brand New Fans, Wicked Style

I think all the shades are named so creatively I actually love the names of them! Overall I would have to say that the 'Take A Chance' and 'Tick Tock' are my favourites in this palette. I can't wait to use this palette more often and share some of my eyeshadow looks on my Instagram @emilyelizacarter . 

Thanks so much for reading, let me know your thoughts on this palette and if your liking these makeup reviews!

Lots of love,

Em XxX
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